Expocentre the planet of exhibitions

This album book is about the Russian Exhibition and Convention Company Expocentre, whose activities under the auspices of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Russia are closely connected with the history of the USSR and Russia. Expocentre, having embodied the whole complex of exhibition and convention activities of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the USSR many years ago, is the oldest and, at the same time, modern Russian exhibition and convention company with the vast experience in organizing and running of international trade shows in Russia and collective national expositions at the World Exhibitions and international forums abroad, as well as organizing of both individual conventions, and business programmes within international exhibitions. The book describes development of the Russian exhibition and convention industry, international exhibitions held at Expocentre, which have become world-known brands, and construction and development of Expocentre Fairgrounds, which from year to year becomes more and more attractive for exhibitors and visitors to exhibitions due to creative work of the team of like-minded colleagues professionals of the exhibition business.

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