To receive an entry visa, the applicant has to present an invitation issued by the Russian Migration Service* to the closest Russian Embassy (Consulate).
To have the invitation issued, the applicant has to send to Expocentres Service and Protocol Department 1.5 months prior to the entry date the following documents:

1. .
The request for invitation made on a company letterhead and signed by a CEO.

  • exhibition name
  • the applicants full name
  • date, city and country of birth; sex
  • citizenship
  • the country and city of the applicants permanent residence
  • passport number, issue date and expiry date
  • the applicants job title
  • duration of stay in Russia
  • full company name
  • full company address: area code, country, city, street, building, office, telephone, fax, e-mail
  • place of visa issue (the city where the closest Russian Consulate is located)
  • the name of the hotel the applicant will be staying at
  • the companys guarantee to cover all expanses related to the applicants stay in Russia including deportation expenses if any.

2. A clear copy of the passport page containing the photo, passport number and expiry date.

The invoice for the invitation processing fee (state tax) will be either emailed or faxed to the applicant by Expocentre.
The payment shall be made by bank transfer. Expocentre accepts no payments by bank cheques or credit cards.
After receiving a payment confirmation (a bank document copy) Expocentre will lodge the documents at the Russian Federal Migration Service. In 18 22 days (depending on the applicants country) Expocentre receives an original invitation to be either mailed or faxed to the applicant. In case the Russian Consulate in the applicants country does not accept faxed copies of invitations, the applicant shall use express mail service or find some other way to get the original invitation.
Expocentre bears no responsibility for the operations of the Russian Federal Migration Service as well as Russian Consulates abroad.
If the trip has been cancelled through no fault of Expocentre, charges for the invitation shall not be refunded.

Invitations for visa, per person: EURO (including VAT)
5.1.1 single entry visa for 1 month 24.30
5.1.2 single entry visa for 3 months 36.44
5.1.3 double entry visa for 1 month 24.30
5.1.4 double entry visa for 3 months 42.52
5.1.5 multiple entry visa for 3 months 36.44
5.1.6 multiple entry visa for 6 months 42.52
5.1.7 multiple entry visa for 12 months 72.88

*) At present there is a valid agreement on the simplification of procedures for issuing an entry visa for EU citizens. To obtain an invitation directly from Expocentre to submit it the Russian Consulate for an entry visa, the applicant need to provide Expocentre with the information (see point 1 above) and the address to send the invitation to. The invitation will be sent to the address given by air mail. The delivery time will be 10-12 days depending on the country of delivery.

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