Admission to area within third transport ring

Procedure for Obtaining Admission Permit to the Areas with Restricted Traffic Access in Moscow

Dear exhibitors

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that Expocentre Fairgrounds is located within the Third Traffic Ring of Moscow which is the area with restricted freight traffic access. Therefore, you need to get an admission permit for goods vehicles like, for example, the TTK permit- a permit providing access to the Third Traffic Ring and the area between it and the Garden Ring Road of Moscow.

The permits to the areas with restricted freight traffic can be of two types:
– multiple entry (valid for a maximum period of 1 year);
– single entry (valid for 5 days).

The permits are issued by the Traffic Management Center of the Moscow City Government Department for Transport and Road Infrastructure Development (GKU TsODD).

From 1st October 2013 the applications for permits are only accepted online through the Portal of Government and Municipal Services of Moscow (

Hard copy permits are valid to their expiry date alongside the electronic permits. The valid permits should be listed on the Registry of Valid Permits for Access to the Areas with Restricted Freight Traffic in Moscow.

The online service through the Internet Portal is only provided to the registered users who have received individual access codes to their personal accounts

The application for the permit may be submitted by sole traders and legal entities, who hold goods vehicles by right of ownership or by any other right and provide freight transportation services to ensure continuous technological process at the city's production facilities as well as uninterrupted daily life of the city, and the fulfillment of the needs of its residents.

The applications may also be submitted by individuals who own goods vehicles by right of ownership or any other right and use the vehicles to reach their homes.

When applying for the service through the Internet Portal the applicant shall enclose scans of all the documents listed in Decree of the Moscow City Government No. 379-PP dated 22.08.2011 and scans of the Driving licenses of the drivers who will be operating the goods vehicles within the restricted traffic area and their written consent for processing their personal data (for more details check Appendix No.1).

When applying through the Internet Portal legal entities and sole traders shall enclose scans of the documents signed in due order with the advanced digital signature.

Individuals shall sign the submitted scans of documents with the basic digital signature.

The information about the rendered service is available from the official website of the Department for Transport and Road Infrastructure Development of the Moscow City Government and the Internet Portal of Government and Municipal Services of Moscow.

The applicant can check the status of the application by logging in to their personal account at the Internet Portal.

The singe-entry permit shall be issued within the maximum of 3 hours following the submission, and the multi-entry permit must me issued within 14 days. The period within which the service shall be rendered is calculated from the date following the date of submission.

Responsibility for Operating within the Restricted Area without Valid Permission

In compliance with the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, if the vehicle has entered a restricted area, the driver of the vehicle will receive the civil penalty for violating the orders of the road signs restricting access to the area (the No Entry and No Goods Vehicles road signs).