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The conference programme of the 28th international exhibition for advertising Reklama 2021 opened with the 10th anniversary Advertising Matrix Forum. It was organised by the Imperia Congress and Exhibition Company and EXPOCENTRE AO.

New advertising channels of 2022, the revolution of advertising media, life hacks and tricks for advertising offices, trends in media consumption - this and much more issues are discussed by the experts gathered at the forum. Experts from the largest IT companies, advertising agencies and manufacturers share fresh analytics, data, experience and knowledge about the global and domestic advertising market.

The forum speakers are representatives of major companies - Yandex, MTS, 2GIS, Romir, Trout&Partners, AdMetrix, Sendsay, Depot, and others.

The forum participants will learn about the latest technologies for advertising production during the pandemic, about how retailers select suppliers of advertising equipment and services. They will also receive information about more than forty practical cases from the advertising market leaders. 

Press Service, EXPOCENTRE AO