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The 2nd Interdisciplinary Forum ‘THE YOUNG MEDICINE’, held today at Expocentre Fairgrounds, became one of the significant events of the conference programme of Russian Health Care Week 2022. The event was organised by the Filatov International Foundation for Biomedical Technologies Development, the Russian Ministry of Health Care and EXPOCENTRE AO

At the opening of the Forum, Galina Karelova, Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, addressed the young scientists and doctors with a welcoming speech.  Her message was delivered by Inna Svyatenko, Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on Social Policy.

In the greeting it was noted that ‘THE YOUNG MEDICINE’ is held within the framework of  the Decade of Science and Technology in the Russian Federation. "One of the goals of the Forum is to attract talented young people to the sphere of medical research and development. ‘THE MEDICINE YOUNG’ Forum gives young researchers a unique opportunity to plunge into the sphere of innovation, to get acquainted with breakthrough achievements in the field of medicine and to adopt the experience of famous scientists," said the message.

In her speech, Russian Commissioner for Human Rights Tatiana Moskalkova named several trends that are particularly important from her point of view for modern medicine and are most in demand today: biotechnology, new methodologies in rehabilitation, development of pharmaceutical clusters, transplantology, disease prevention methods, diagnostics, including mobile diagnostics and remote medical services.

Mikhail Murashko, Minister of Health Care of the Russian Federation, emphasised in his welcome address to the Forum that our country needs a new class of scientists who will have a core specialisation in one industry, such as genetics, and additional competencies in another cross-cutting technology, such as digitalisation. And this together gives birth to a new class of scientists who can make breakthroughs.  ‘The YOUNG MEDICINE’ is valuable above all because it opens up new names of promising scientists in most regions of Russia, said the Minister.

Sergey Selivanov, First Deputy Director General of EXPOCENTRE AO, warmly welcomed the participants in the Forum on behalf of the company.  He reminded that Russian Health Care Week is included in two initiatives of the Plan of the Decade of Science and Technology: Designing the Future and Platforms for Interaction of Science, Business, State and Society.  The objectives of the Decade include in particular the involvement of talented young people in the field of scientific developments and the popularisation of the promotion of such developments, to which ‘THE YOUNG MEDICINE’ fully corresponds. Its importance increases every year, said Sergey Selivanov.  

According to the decision of the organisers of ‘THE YOUNG MEDICINE’ and Russian Health Care Week, the opening part of the Forum ended with the ceremony of presentation of memorable awards to outstanding doctors and scientists who have made a great contribution to the Russian health care - the Head of Federal Medical and Biological Agency Veronika Skvortsova, Director of the Kulakov National Medical Research Centre of Obstetrics, Gennady Sukhikh, RAS Academician, Dean of the Fundamental Medicine Faculty of the Moscow State University Vsevolod Tkachuk, The awards were presented by Ekaterina Dibrova, President of the Filatov International Foundation for Biomedical Technologies Development, and Sergey Selivanov. 

The Forum was followed by presentations on the development of medical science in Russia and the world by representatives of federal legislative and executive authorities, prominent scientists, health care organisers, heads of leading institutions, unions, associations and major medical centres. It was noted that the concept of the Forum was aimed not only at encouraging medical students and young scientists, but also at developing mentoring and decent vacancies for young professionals in leading Russian companies. 

Plenary session ‘Role of biotechnologies in prevention and treatment of diseases’ was held at the 2nd Interdisciplinary Forum ‘THE YOUNG MEDICINE’.  There were panels and thematic sections devoted to regenerative biomedicine, experience of R&D management in health care, new development trends in MEDTECH area, experience of implementation and realization of new projects.  

The results of the Youth Project Competition were also summarised, which allowed for a high level of expert evaluation of the best submissions in various categories and the identification of the most talented future and current medical professionals, including medical students and postgraduates, residents, young doctors, pharmacists and researchers. 

An awards ceremony was held for the winners. In addition, the Forum provided participants with a unique opportunity for scientific substantive communication with leading experts in the field of biomedicine.  

The hybrid interactive format of the Forum combined with the online broadcasting allowed a wide professional audience to be involved. 

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