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21.05.2018 09:45:00
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Aleksey Khokhlov, Deputy of the Russian State Duma "

"Metalloobrabotka 2018 is a special event. It shows that the Russian industry is not only alive but is growing. A great number of exhibits are made in Russia. It confirms that the Russian machine building has revived. I think it is the main conclusion one can make while visiting this trade show. There are dozens of companies here which have just appeared on this country's economic map. They show not just prototype models but serial products. We can safely say that Russia has made a huge step towards development of its own production means."


 Sergey Matveev, CEO, KOSCO Group

"This year at Metalloobrabotka we show products which we have never shown before but felt it was the time to do it now. This time it is a line of vertical bandsaws, which were developed and made in Russia. Metalloobrabotka always brings us luck. Today it is very important to show new Russian products. This trade show has always been a launch pad for them.  
Only our company presented a whole line of completely new products which are competitive in both the Russian and European markets. I believe a big credit should be given to Metalloobrabotka. In comparison to the last year, visitors’ attention to our products has grown. We place our hopes with this trade show in the future because it gives us an impetus to development."  

 Dmitry Petrov, Deputy Director General, Alyans

"We are regular participants in Metalloobrabotka. As usual this year's impressions are very good. I hope that we will bring all our plans to life, and we will have many contacts with our partners, find new partners, show our products and look at our competitors. We have already had significant meetings. Some of these meetings were old appointments but some of them were impromptu. The trade show is a chance to hold a large number of meetings over only five days. If not for the show, we would have to visit many other cities and cover a lot of territory. But here we have a unique opportunity to meet all our partners who come from all over the country and have targeted talks. It is a big advantage. We are going to continue participating in Metalloobrabotka." 

Fedor Bobkov, Executive Director, Morsvyazavtomatica

"We have participated in Metalloobrabotka since 2010. We haven't missed a single show. We are here to look at other manufacturers and share experience. Another important factor is meeting our customers who have already bought our equipment. Here we see them face to face, can talk to them, learn if they are satisfied with everything or not. It helps us to improve our equipment and solve all problems that may arise with the clients.  
We are also looking for new clients. As a rule, we find them here. At Metalloobrabotka we demonstrate Russian-made metal cutting equipment and lean production technology. Our stand has screens which show workload of equipment and productivity of each machine online.
An exhibition is a place for meetings which have been planned in the course of the year. Decisions to buy expensive equipment are not made spontaneously. Customers need time to compare offers. Here they look at ours, talk to us, see our competitors and make an informed decision."  

Sergey Mityasov, Deputy General Director of Operations, StankoMashStroy

"StankoMashStroy is a regular participant in Metalloobrabotka. This year we exhibit our line of all-purpose and CNC machines manufactured in Penza. This event shows the progress of the Russian machine tool building and equipment which can be found in the Russian market. We participate in various foreign trade shows. Last year we demonstrated our machinery in Hannover. This year we are going to Chicago. So we can make comparisons. Metalloobrabotka is on par with those shows."  

Alexander Berkovets, CEO, Industrial Metrology Group (Carl Zeiss AG):

"We are regularly here. We show all lines of Carl Zeiss metering equipment for metalworking. The emphasis is on products which are used for manufacturing of various parts. Carl Zeiss has been working in Russia for 115 years. The Russian market has always been interesting for the company. It stays interesting despite all recent difficulties.  Difficult times come and go, but Carl Zeiss stays in the Russian market.
Our old customers and new people come to our stand with their issues and demands. Together we closely study the problem and find solutions for which we can supply equipment.
We are comfortable at Metalloobrabotka. We have good relations with Expocentre managers and technical staff. When we come here, it's like meeting old friends. We know what to expect. Today we are already working on a concept of our stand at the next edition of Metalloobrabotka."  

Sergey Shpak, Sales Director Russia East, Sandvik

"We have participated in Metalloobrabotka for many years and couldn't miss it this year. We believe Metalloobrabotka 2018 is the year's main event. We put a lot of efforts into it. We start preparing long before the show begins, train our staff, and work on a concept of participation. Our customers noticed that our stand had become bigger. Today we present more digital solutions and develop concepts of innovative tools.
This year we have decided to take part in supporting events and become a sponsor. We hold workshops. We have many visitors who are our old and new customers, industry professionals. Our new products generate a special interest. Our top managers have already given green light to our participation in Metalloobrabotka 2019."  

Alina Boldyreva, Director of Marketing Department, FINVAL Group

"Metalloobrabotka is a key event of the industry. It brings together leading enterprises, our partners, customers, Russian and foreign manufactures. Every year the show is getting more and more popular.  We can say it looking at the attendance numbers. We are glad to be Metalloobrabotka's sponsor once again. Our stand is a place for long-awaited meetings for our clients and partners where they can discuss everything in a comfortable environment.
I also want to point out that Metalloobrabotka promotes innovative projects. Its organisers keep up with the times. This year a separate pavilion is devoted to additive manufacturing. We made a report reviewing the market of additive manufacturing, its trends and prospects across the world and in Russia. Russia has all the means to become a leader in this sector."