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INDUSTRY 3D: the International Forum on Additive Technologies and 3D Solutions has opened within the conference programme of the Metalloobrabotka 2022 exhibition. The event takes place in a hybrid format. Over five days, representatives of the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade, leading corporations and associations will talk about the industry's performance under sanctions, challenges, opportunities, and state support measures.

The forum began with the Strategic Session on Additive Technologies as an Important Factor in the Country's Technological Sovereignty.

The session moderator Vladimir Kononov, Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Science and Higher Education, reminded that five years ago, the NTI Expo (Research, Technology, Innovations Expo) platform was created with the support of the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the State Duma, the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade and EXPOCENTRE AO to popularise the achievements of the Russian industry and innovative technologies, including additive technologies.

Alexander Lvov, Deputy Director of the Department of Machine Tooling and Heavy Engineering of the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade, spoke about the measures implemented by the Ministry to stimulate import substitution in the field of additive technologies. He also invited the participants of the session to send their proposals to the Association for the Development of Additive Technologies and the Department of the Machine Tool Industry of the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

Sergey Selivanov, First Deputy Director General of EXPOCENTRE AO, noted that the forum was an integral part of the conference programme of Metalloobrabotka 2022, which brings together more than 600 companies from 17 countries. "We faced many difficulties, which were related to refusals of our foreign exhibitors," Sergey Selivanov said. “But today we see that, thanks to the potential of domestic manufacturers, we have something to show”. According to him, EXPOCENTRE pays special attention to additive technologies, which are presented not only at Metalloobrabotka but also at other projects, including Russian Industry Week to be held this October. He took the opportunity to invite forum participants to take part in this EXPOCENTRE project.

Additive technologies are the tool with which our industry can resolve import substitution issues very quickly, said Mikhail Rodin, CEO of i3D. In his speech, he elaborated on the forum's programme. According to him, the forum plans to discuss import substitution issues, talk about how the equipment, which has already been installed and is now included in the sanctions lists, will be maintained; understand how the state will support Russian producers, discuss how expedient it will be to work with China, because some Chinese companies already refuse to work in Russia". Mikhail Rodin also spoke about the website and invited companies to post information - news and video reports - on it free of charge.

"Additive technologies are included in higher education groups of specialities and training areas such as construction, photonics, instrumentation, optical and biotechnical systems and technologies, mechanical engineering, chemical technology, material technology, aviation and rocket and space technology, management in technical systems," recalled Pavel Forsh, Director of the Department of State Research and Science and Technology Policy of the Russian Ministry of Education and Science. “This shows that additive technology is everywhere”. In his speech, he drew attention to the three blocks of successful implementation of additive technologies - education, science and international cooperation. "Now, when many countries behave unfriendly towards us and terminate their commitments, including in the field of science, we are refocusing on other countries that can and are ready to cooperate with us - these are BRICS countries, SCO, CIS countries and cooperation within the framework of the Union State”.

Sergey Salikhov, First Vice-Rector of NUST MISIS, drew attention to the issues of staff training in the field of additive technologies. He spoke about the joint project with Rosatom State Corporation - the advanced engineering school Manufacturing Technologies of the Future.

"We, as a university, are talking about the day after tomorrow," said Sergey Salikhov with confidence. “The companies that implement technologies talk about today, the design bureaus talk about tomorrow, and universities and scientific institutions talk about the day after tomorrow”.

Olga Ospenikova, Head of the Association for the Development of Additive Technologies, spoke about the main objectives of the Association, as well as the organisation's priorities for 2022.

The forum runs until May 27.

The video streaming available on the website 

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