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A New Year event, NEFTEGAZparty.TOP-5. Year Results, took place at Expocentre Fairgrounds on December 13. The annual event was prepared by the organising committee of the Neftegaz exhibition and the National Oil and Gas Forum.

Russian Deputy Energy Minister Pavel Sorokin, Union of Oil and Gas Producers of Russia President Genady Shmal, Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Russia Vice President Dmitry Kurochkin, Expocentre First Deputy Director General Nikolay Gusev, and National Oil and Gas Forum Director General Sergey Yatsenya formally greeted the audience.

Genady Shmal highlighted the finalised construction of two trunk gas pipelines, Power of Siberia and TurkStream, as a major event of the year in his address.

Pavel Sorokin singled out the strengthening international cooperation in stabilisation of the energy market within the OPEC Plus framework as a key industry event. He also noted the importance of annual summarisation of year results and discussion of successes and current challenges of the industry at the event.

The organising committee of the Forum and the Exhibition prepared the rating of five most significant events, which took place in the Russian oil and gas sector in 2019, and industry experts commented on those events at the gathering.

The NEFTEGAZparty.TOP-5. Year Results rating goes as follows: 1. Gas stream: successful implementation of large-scale infrastructural projects supporting Russian gas exports – the launch of Power of Siberia, the completed construction of TurkStream, and the approval of Nord Stream 2. 2. International cooperation and market stabilisation: strengthening partnership within the OPEC Plus framework. 3. New fiscal preferences in oil extraction: beginning of pilot projects in the context of the Tax on Additional Income from Hydrocarbon Production. 4. Extracting difficult oil: Massive development of Achimov oil fields begins. 5. Eastern Siberia – Pacific Oil Pipeline – full speed!

The NEFTEGAZparty.TOP-5. Year Results was attended by over 300 guests from oil and gas industry majors, industry regulators, and leading media outlets.

The National Oil and Gas Forum and the 20th Neftegaz international exhibition will take place at Expocentre on April 13–16, 2020.

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