subscribe to news A new global energy landscape is one of the key issues of the National Oil and Gas Forum


On the second day of Neftegaz 2021, the National Oil and Gas Forum started in Pavilion No. 8. The forum is organised by the Russian Ministry of Energy jointly with the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, Union of Oil and Gas Producers of Russia, Russian Gas Society.

Grigory Vygon, Managing Director of Vygon Consulting, moderated the strategic session of the forum. He stressed that the climate agenda was gaining momentum and invited Yarand Rystad, Head of Rystad Energy, to give an overview of the current state of the energy markets and new technological trends. Yarand Rystad spoke about the decline in consumption of oil products in the aviation industry. Thus, in terms of daily flights, international flights decreased by 85% and domestic flights by 60%. "Thanks to Russia, India, China and America, who are doing everything to ensure that the number of domestic flights gradually increases," said the speaker.

David Campbell, President of BP Russia, continued the session. He focused on the energy balance and the development of new technologies.

Pavel Sorokin, Deputy Minister of Energy of the Russian Federation, opened the topic of ecosystem transformation and focused on issues related to hydrogen. "Much hope is connected with the use of hydrogen in the energy sector. Now a new concept of hydrogen energy development is being prepared," he said.

The participants of the session were greatly interested in the presentation by Leonid Fedun, Vice President for Strategic Development of Lukoil. In particular, he spoke about three possible scenarios for the oil industry development: evolution, equilibrium and transformation. "For example, under the evolution scenario, the world will already have 7% of electric cars in sales by 2025 and 17% by 2030, which is close to 200 million in physical terms," the speaker said. The trend towards decarbonisation of the global economy reduces the need to develop expensive oil reserves, he said. "If an energy company is going to survive, it has to adapt to the new realities and live in them," believes Leonid Fedun.

Energy market forecasts, changes in the global energy landscape, energy transition and other issues were discussed at the session, as well as at other events within the National Oil and Gas Forum, which continues its work at Expocentre.

Press Service, EXPOCENTRE AO