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05.03.2018 09:33:00
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Alexander Protasenya, Head of Laser Systems Group, SOLAR Laser Systems (Belarus)

"We have been working in the photonics field for 27 years. Our company is constantly developing and introducing new products. We strive to keep up with the times.

For us, the Photonics exhibition remains the most attractive event in the CIS. In Munich, Germany, we participate to promote our brand, but Moscow exhibition is where the actual business is done. Here is where we frequently find new customers, meet old ones, and discuss new joint projects. Photonics helps us bring in real money — and the number of visitors is considerable.

Despite the crisis, this year the exhibition has grown even further. I hope it will keep growing in the future."

Eugene Kudrov, Commercial Director, Special Systems (Saint Petersburg)

"We are a multibrand distributor of laser and optical technology and deal in a wide range of equipment, components and fiber optic products. Our company entered the market more than five years ago. We have already become a regular participant in the trade show. This year we've decided to double down on equipment demonstrations.

We highly value this exhibition. Year after year, the specialization of our visitors is becoming narrower, and our marketing conversion keeps growing. Just three or four years ago mainly general professionals approached us and expressed interest in our company. This has since changed. We can already say that the exhibition is a success.

We never chase big numbers and are happy with the current rate of attendance. We welcome experts who come with a good knowledge of our field of expertise and of what we have to offer. That's why we enjoy the format of the Photonics exhibition. We think the timing for the exhibition is perfect: late February is optimal for us. Our booth is getting more advanced every year. We hope to continue participating in future exhibitions."

Ilya Groshev, Development Director, Central Research Institute of Laser Equipment and Technologies (Saint Petersburg)

"Our company is a resident of the Skolkovo Foundation and conducts research in laser micro processing. At the trade show we network with a large number of customers who have to solve routine tasks. But we're ready to solve non-routine tasks which require further research of micro processing of materials with specific properties.

At Photonics we'd like to see more professionals interested in solving fundamentally new tasks for laser equipment which substantially improve the current state. For example, material processing several times faster than normal. Our company takes part within the Skolkovo stand. It’s substantial saving. If we are offered the same conditions, we'll certainly take part in this trade show."

Dmitry Shukailo, Marketing Director, SharpLase Inc. (USA)

"SharpLase manufactures industrial laser material processing equipment. SharpLase is a laser systems division of Industrial & Medical Design, Inc. which has its representative office in Russia and joint production. For this edition we've brought our new development – an ultraviolet laser and the latest software. It's the fifth time we've participated in Photonics. The trade show is useful, first of all, with new contacts, networking with partners and, surely, with signing new contracts.

Photonics gives us more than "takes". We can see our competitors there and the way they develop. We adjust our development accordingly. We communicate with different suppliers and manufacturers. We get new ideas. A lot of interesting talented people attend the trade show and share their impressions.

There are almost no occasional visitors at Photonics. People come here from all corners of Russia and from abroad. They come purposefully and clearly understand what they want. We show how it will be at their enterprise and how we can implement this or that objective for them. The trade show is well organized. We've generated a lot of valuable business leads. We are satisfied with our participation and with the trade show. Next year we'll definitely participate here."

Anna Gornaya, Manager of Sales and Marketing Department, Laser Center (Saint Petersburg)

"Our company is involved in production of systems for laser marking, cutting and welding. We've taken part in the Photonics exhibition for more than ten years. Over the time we've got many new clients, grown in size and become a big company over the past five years. Today, we operate not only in Russia but also in the CIS and deliver equipment to Europe.

At the trade show we're satisfied with both number of visitors and their quality. Our stand is attended by the people with vocational training who want laser equipment. They buy even the samples put on display. But, as a rule, the contracts are signed after the trade show. This year Photonics has been organized well and we like it very much."

Aleksey Sokolovsky, Sales Manager, SOL Instruments, (Belarus)

"We make scientific equipment and our company is a regular participant in the Photonics exhibition which is widely known not only among manufacturers but also among researchers. We traditionally bring here new equipment for research; in particular, we showcase our updated laser elemental analyzer.  Our equipment enjoys great demand not only in Russia. We make deliveries to Japan, China, Europe, and America. The geography of our visitors at Photonics is wide. We expand relations including relations with new customers. The impressions are positive. We'll take part in the next edition."