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The 6th annual conference on Child Food Industry Prospects in the Light of the Decade of Childhood Program has taken place on the sidelines of the Prodexpo 2019 international exhibition hosted by Expocentre.

The discussion of the topical subject, which was organised by Expocentre AO and the Federal Research Centre for Nutrition and Biotechnology, won attention of the authorities, child food experts, health care and education specialists, nutritionists, manufacturers, suppliers and consumers of child food products.

“This conference is an annual meeting of members of the academic community and child food manufacturers. Their tandem is the only way to successfully optimise child food and broadly implement scientific achievements,” said Yekaterina Pyryeva, the conference moderator and head of the age-based nutrition laboratory at the Federal Research Centre for Nutrition and Biotechnology. She told the audience about the elaboration of a second edition of the national program which would focus on the optimal nutrition of babies younger than 12 months. The expert made a review of the program edition proposed by the Russian Academy of Sciences with emphasis on new scientific information regarding complementary feeding of babies.

Reports were delivered by representatives of Russia’s leading research centres specialising in child food, among them the Federal Research Centre for Nutrition and Biotechnology, the Russian Health Ministry’s Medical Research Centre of Child's Health, the Baking Industry’s Research Institute, and some others.

Senior researcher of the Federal Research Centre for Nutrition and Biotechnology Maria Gmoshinskaya presented research which established a connection between unhealthy diet of children and the growing rate of non-infectious diseases and noted the importance of eating habits as a factor of early prevention of non-infectious diseases.

The conference also addressed such topical issues as bread in the children’s ration, optimisation of school catering, possibilities of dietary measures against obesity in children and teenagers, modern dietary therapy of food allergies, and scientific aspects of child food production.

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