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Prodexpo 2020, the biggest food trade show in Russia and Eastern Europe, will host the 15th Russian food forum “Supplier for Retail Chains” and the Purchasing Centre for Retail Chains at Expocentre Fairgrounds on February 11-13.

The forum will be attended by renowned food market analysts, experts in online trade, techniques of negotiations with retail chains and procurers, top managers of international, federal, and regional retail chains, and heads of leading Russian companies manufacturing and supplying food products.

Food suppliers will receive the latest analytical data regarding the development of retail formats and particular retailers, as well as consumer behavior, latest adjustments to the regulation of supplier-chain relations, new instruments of raising the margin on cooperation with retail chains, and other practical information.

The Purchasing Centre for Retail Chains will enable suppliers to hold individual food supply negotiations with 250+ buyers from 100+ federal and regional retail chains. Magnit, Auchan, VkusVill, O’Key, Diksi, BILLA, Perekryostok, SPAR Russia B.V., Pyatyorochka, Karusel, Maria-Ra, Magnolia, and many others are traditional participants in the event.

For the first time Prodexpo 2020 offers food suppliers an opportunity to negotiate shipments not just to retail chains but also to restaurants, hotels, and cafes. More than 50 procurers from 30+ café, restaurant, and hotel chains seeking new food products will attend the Purchasing Centre for Retail Chains.

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