subscribe to news Reklama 2022: Virtual Production – advanced technology in advertising business


Media advertising producers took part in the Panel on how modern technology has changed the approach to the production of audio-visual content. Application of Virtual Production technology from commercials to live broadcasts, held within the Reklama 2022 exhibition.

The event was supported by representatives of XOVP (eXtraOrdinary Virtual Production). Virtual Production is a type of filming that combines filming equipment and virtual reality technology into a single system, thanks to which a person or object is placed in a 3D virtual space scene in real time. Whereas standard production and green screen shooting draws a graphic on top of the footage, here you can see the final result in a preview of your own camera. And thanks to tracking, the screen changes position and perspective in relation to the subject, creating a visual volume with a sense of depth and presence.

Director-producer Pavel Timofeev, Art Director of XOVP Studio Konstantin Korolev, and co-founders of XOVP Studio - director Yuri Yarushnikov and producer Andrey Ereshko shared their experience in applying Virtual Production technologies in their work with clients.

Konstantin Korolev stated that new technologies are being actively implemented and help to achieve final realization when creating videos in the pre-production stage. He and his colleagues cited specific examples of technical simplification through Virtual Production of tasks and achieving the desired result at various stages of filming.

Press Service, EXPOCENTRE AO