subscribe to news Russian group stand to be presented at OVC EXPO 2018 in China

The 15th edition of the International Optoelectronic Exhibition and Forum – OVC EXPO 2018 will run on 14-16 November in Wuhan, China.

For the third time in a row there will be presented a Russian group stand organized by Expocentre AO and the Russian Laser Association.

OVC EXPO is an effective platform to demonstrate innovative developments in Chinese photonics and optoelectronics as well as to exchange information and organize cooperation between branch enterprises across the globe. The theme of the exhibition is Light Links the World, Wisdom Leads Future. The trade show is held at the biggest optoelectronic industrial base with concentration of leading universities and research institutions of China in this province.

OVC EXPO 2018 will showcase the latest achievements in photonics, optoelectronics and laser industry of China and other countries. The product sectors cover production of optics, optoelectronics, fibre glass optics, optical instruments, optical measuring devices, laser technology and systems, instruments and materials, 3D printers, 3D scanning and software, 3D printing materials and equipment, optical medical devices, and equipment.

According to the organizers, this year the exhibition space will amount to more than 20,000 net sq m, visitor attendance is expected to exceed 35,000 industry experts. The OVC EXPO 2018 participants are more than 500 companies from 15 countries and regions. The supporting program will bring together more than 3,800 experts at 22 forums and other relevant events.

The Russian group stand will be presented by the following companies Avesta Project, Module Research Centre, Polarus and RMT (Moscow), ECO Spetspostavka and SSTC – Shipbuilding & Shiprepair Technology Center (St. Petersburg), NTLT (Vladimir), and Inject Research and Production Enterprise (Saratov). The Russian exhibition is accompanied by supporting events organized by the Russian Laser Association and Expocentre AO and assisted by the Committee for Russian-Chinese scientific and technical cooperation of the Government of the Hubei province and the Laser Association of the Hubei province.

Participation of Russian companies in the group stand accompanied by special supporting events allows increasing the number of Russian companies at OVC EXPO, one of key trade shows in Eastern Asia, and intensifying the contacts of Russian exhibitors with potential partners in this market.

Press Service, Expocentre AO