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On the opening day of the 21st edition of the Neftegaz 2022 international exhibition, EXPOCENTRE AO with the support of the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) organised the Technical Session of SPE. Hydraulic Fracturing as a Multistep Path to the Future.

Leading experts from oil and gas companies shared their experience, the latest developments and innovative solutions with their colleagues.

As the participants of the session noted, in order to replenish resources it is necessary to bring into development more and more geologically complex fields, the modern development of which is impossible to imagine without hydraulic fracturing (HF) technologies.

Alexey Kudryashov, representative of BelNIPIneft, presented the results of a comprehensive study of unconventional reservoirs and the first attempt to develop them.

According to Vladimir Astafiev, Halliburton’s representative, multistage fracturing is one of the most advanced technologies in oil and gas and most effective for horizontal wells. He spoke about the history, current state, development prospects of hydraulic fracturing; technologies with examples of new well completion layouts, equipment and technologies for performing complex hydraulic fracturing; chemicals and proppants.

Mikhail Samoilov (RN-CEPiTr) spoke about integrated geomechanical modelling and fracture design. Using the experience of Rosneft and Gazpromneft, the session participants expressed their views on "where we are going in terms of hydraulic fracturing technology in Russia".

Subsequent presentations dealt with gelling agents for hydraulic fracturing and the development of water-based fracturing fluids with varying salinities and their application in hydraulic fracturing and multistage hydraulic fracturing in the Republic of Belarus. These were presented by the speakers from Nika-Petrotech and BelNIPIneft.

The meeting attracted a great number of attendees. The participants comprehensively discussed issues of hydraulic fracturing, as well as related spheres of production and research.

Press Service, EXPOCENTRE AO