Rental of exhibition pavilions for organizers of guest exhibitions

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Five Reasons Your Trade Show Should Run at Expocentre:

  • Vast and high tech exhibition space
    8 state-of-the-art and fully equipped exhibition pavilions occupying 105,000 sq m and 60,000 sq m of outdoor space

  • It is prestigious
    Expocentre Fairgrounds is the most well-known and widely promoted venue for holding the largest trade shows in Russia and Eastern Europe

  • It is convenient
    Expocentre is conveniently located for exhibitors and visitors to trade shows and organizers of any forums

  • World-class services
    We provide a wide range of services related to delivery, customs clearance, construction, mounting, catering, registration, holding of supporting events on a turnkey basis and at one stop shop

  • Extensive coverage in mass media
    Trade shows, conventions and forums held at Expocentre Fairgrounds are covered in more than 200 newspapers, journals, radio, television, and news agencies and by about 500 journalists

Hosted Exhibitions Department

  • The Administration plans and manages, on a commercial basis, foreign, national, international, intersectoral and specialized trade fairs initiated by foreign and Russian companies and event organizers in Russia. When managing events, we take into account the wishes of our clients to further promote and develop these trade fairs. The Administration also works with its partners to bring new topics to Expocentre Fairgrounds. Because of a large number of foreign participants and visitors, we coordinate all our events with the schedule of major international trade fairs. That is why our event dates are almost always convenient for organizes, participating companies and visitors.
  • We offer all types of one stop services related to exhibitions. It means that exhibitors have to contact only their event management team, which will take care of all orders. We are also continuing to diversify our services.

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