1. Exhibitor pass (extra form).

  • Exhibitor pass are valid for entrance to Expocentre Fairgrounds during the assembly, running and dismantling periods of the exhibition (from 8.00 till 20.00).
  • The number of free exhibitor’s passes is specified by the terms of the participation contract.
  • Additional Exhibitor passes can be purchased if necessary.
  • Exhibitor passes are personal and non-transferable to third parties! In case of violation, Expocentre reserves the right to withdraw the personal pass, disable it electronically and prohibit the access to the fairgrounds.

2. Pass for a distributor of promotional materials (promoter).

  • The distribution of promotional materials at Expocentre Fairgrounds is only permitted for the exhibitors and only during the open period of the exhibition they are taking part in, given they have got the Pass for a distributor of promotional materials.
  • The Pass enables the Exhibitor to hand out promotional materials at the venue of the show and in compliance with its thematic subject.
  • It is prohibited to distribute promotional materials in the pavilions where other trade shows are being held and in the visitor registration zones.
  • The Pass is for individual use only. It shall not be given to any third party.
  • The incomplete Pass is invalid.
  • By obtaining the Pass, the Exhibitor undertakes to conform to the Approved Procedure for Distribution of Promotional Materials at Expocentre Fairgrounds.

1. Exhibitor car pass for the exhibition work period (+ mounting and dismantling periods).

  • The car pass authorizes the exhibitor car to stay on the chosen parking lot at Expocentre Fairgrounds from 8:00 to 20:00.
  • The pass can be obtained for the specific period: 1) exhibition running period, 2) mounting, exhibition running and dismantling periods, 3) mounting and dismantling periods, 4) one exhibition day.
  • Parking lots (see the layout)
  • The pass is issued for a particular car with the state number
  • Overnight parking at Expocentre Fairgrounds is prohibited!
  • Entry to the territory of Expocentre Fairgrounds by taxi and car sharing is prohibited!

2. Exhibitor car pass for mounting and dismantling periods.

  • The pass allows one-time entry to Expocentre Fairgrounds from 8:00 to 19:30 (during mounting and dismantling periods of exhibition).
  • The vehicle should leave Expocentre Fairgrounds after handling.
  • The pass is filled for free in form D.03 (Delivery/Removal Permit Application/Letter) for a particular car with the state number.
  • More information on the pass is in the Procedure for Delivery/Removal of Equipment and Exhibits.
  • Entry to the territory of Expocentre Fairgrounds by taxi and car sharing is prohibited!
Payment policy

Non-cash payments for services are available only before the beginning of the assembly period.
Services are provided after full advanced payment ONLY.
During the assembly and dismantling periods it is possible to pay off services at the Service Bureau payment desks.