In every pavilion (the cloakroom of Pavilion No.7 is for participants only).
Exhibitions are open from 10.00 to 18.00; on the last day of the exhibition, they are open till 16.00.
Unfortunately, no. In case you lost or found something, please contact a pavilion manager or Security Department on +7 (499) 795-25-24.
Contact service desks on + 7 (499) 795-37-79.
The storage room can be used only by visitors of an exhibition. It is located at the West Entrance of the Fairgrounds in pavilion 8, hall 5. Open hours: from 10.00 till 18.00, on the last work day of an exhibition – till 16.00.
Contact the Exhibition Management. You can also get special passes in pass offices by presenting a list of students signed by a dean.
No. But if there are several passengers in the vehicle, each of them must have a pass.
Contact our service desk to get a parking pass. Parking is allowed from 8.00 to 20.00.

To comply with the Russian Bill No.758 from 31 July 2014 on public Wi-Fi access, you have to take the following steps to connect to Expocentre’s Wi-Fi network.

  1. When Wi-Fi is enabled, select the EXPOCENTRE network.
  2. Enter your telephone number and click RECEIVE CODE on the authorization page.
  3. You will then receive a text message to the telephone you provided containing your access code.
  4. To get Internet access, enter the received access code into any device you want to use (SIM card is optional).

Attention: One session is 20 minutes. If you want to prolong it, you have to authorize once again.

Available for devices using Russian SIM cards only. Foreigners can buy a Russian SIM card presenting their passport in sales offices of mobile network operators or their dealers. It will be valid for the entire duration of the visa validity.
Exhibitor passes are multiple entry passes to Expocentre Fairgrounds valid during the assembly, running and dismantling periods.
Yes, a new pass is issued in exchange for the old one at the service desk.
Contact our service desk. New exhibitor passes are issued on presentation of a valid I.D. (eg. a passport).
Exhibitor passes are allotted as follows
  • one pass per 3 sq m if the rented space is under 90 sq m
  • if the rented space is over 90 sq m, 30 passes and one additional pass per every 6 sq m of the rented space which exceeds 90 sq m.
To get exhibitor passes at service desks, you have to present the following
  • Power of attorney (D.01);
  • Application for exhibitor passes (D.02); the application have to be made on your company's letterhead, be duly stamped and signed by your company's CEO; it must contain the names of the personnel who will work at the stand during the exhibition.

Get exhibitor passes through your Personal account.

present the following
To get passes valid during the assembly/dismantling periods at service desks, you have to present the following
  • Power of attorney (D.01);
  • Application for technicians' passes (D.04A) in two originals; the application have to be made on your company's letterhead, be duly stamped and signed by your company's CEO; it must contain the names of the personnel who will work at the stand during the assembly/dismantling periods*.
To speed up the process, please forward to pass@expocentr.ru your application for technicians' passes, before the assembly period (it must contain the list of the personnel).
* In this case the passes are issued without approval (stamps) of Organization which provides fire safety services, Expoconsta OOO and the Exhibition Management. Passport details are not mandatory either.
Contact travel companies, partners of Expocentre AO.
Contact our service desk on + 7 (499) 795-37-79.
Contact Conventions Department of Expocentre on + 7 (499) 795-39-65.
Contact companies accredited by Expocentre AO. See the list of companies here.
Contact our service desks on +7 (499) 795-25-97, +7 (499) 795-37-14
  • In the Business Centre (for exhibitors only)
  • At service desk.
The exhibitors can get the following documents at all home exhibitions of Expocentre:
  • the certificate of demonstration of an unpatented invention at an international exhibition – it can be used to get temporary protection for an invention when the proprietor of that invention discloses it at an international exhibition before the priority date of the invention. Where temporary protection has been granted the disclosure of an invention is not considered as a factor prejudicial to patentability of the invention.
  • the certificate of demonstration of an unregistered trade mark - to prove that the exhibitor has showcased goods under the trademark they intend to register. The certificate can be used to get temporary protection for the yet unregistered trademark. Where temporary protection or, in other words, 'exhibition priority' has been granted, the priority date is considered to be the date of the first disclosure of an unregistered trademark at an international exhibition, rather than the date of filing the application for registration of the trademark. These certificates are also used to prove the fact of demonstration of the goods under a certain trade mark by a specific exhibitor at an international exhibition for the purpose of tackling any issues that may arise in the course of trademark registration and be related to false representation.
  • the certificate of demonstration of an exhibit under a registered trademark - to prove fair use of the trademark in the territory of Russia in case an application for early termination of legal protection of the trademark for non-use has been filed.
To have any of these certificates issued, the exhibitor shall apply to the Exhibition Management Team on the first day of the exhibition. The application shall be accompanied with the description of the unpatented exhibit/unregistered trademark or - for a registered trade mark - the trademark registration certificate, along with the photos of the stand where these IP articles are being displayed.

All the above-mentioned certificates are issued free of charge.
Yes, you can. But the type of evidence depends on what you are getting it for. If you are going to put on display a registered trademark, we can issue the certificate of demonstration of the product under the registered trade mark. If what you need is evidence of demonstration as such, or you plan to apply for legal protection of the IP you are showcasing, we will issue the certificate of demonstration of an unpatented exhibit or unregistered trademark (depending on what you need) at an international exhibition.
The best way to deal with this situation is to file a patent application before demonstrating your invention anywhere. If, however, that is not possible for some reason, EXPOCENTRE AO can assist you by issuing a certificate, stating that the invention was exhibited at an international exhibition. This certificate will enable the exhibitor to obtain the so-called 'grace for novelty'. It will prove that the disclosure was made by the author or the potential owner of the patent or with their consent. Yet, even if the documents certifying the legitimate disclosure of the information about the invention are in place, the application for registration of rights on inventions and utility models shall be submitted to the relevant Patent Office within six months from the date of such disclosure. For registration of rights on industrial samples, it shall be done within 12 months from the said date.

Also, please note that the above-mentioned certificate can only be of use when you are registering your IP rights. It cannot protect your invention from being copied by competitors.

The certificate can help you, though, if a competitor attempts to get a patent for your invention (when patent application is filed after the invention has been disclosed). The certificate will enable you to challenge novelty of their invention, which is an essential requirement for its patentability.
The certificates of demonstration of unpatented exhibits/unregistered trademarks can come useful when applying for a patent. The certificates of demonstration of goods under a registered trademark can serve as evidence of fair use of the trademark in the territory of Russia, and consequently, enhance protection of the existing exclusive rights.
We, at EXPOCENTRE AO, are always ready to help our exhibitors cope with possible challenges they may face when registering rights to various IP assets. Firstly, the personnel of the EXPOCENTRE AO for Counterfeit-Free Exhibitions project provide consultations on a wide range of issues related to securing rights to various IP assets. Secondly, the exhibitors can get the certificate of demonstration of an unpatented exhibit/unregistered trademark at an international exhibition.

Yet, EXPOCENTRE AO has no impact on the decisions of the Patent Offices as to granting or denying patents
According to Section 17 of the General Terms of Participation in Exhibitions Held at Expocentre Fairgrounds, the exhibitor shall apply for such a certificate on the first day of the exhibition. If submitted later, the application will be rejected. There are no exceptions to this rule.

Ensuring compliance with this provision is fundamental since, for one thing, the authorized personnel of Expocentre should be able to check the claimed exhibit/trademark has been displayed from the opening date of the exhibition, and, for the other thing, the certificate authenticates the fact that the exhibit/trademark was demonstrated throughout the show, that is from its opening date which is the first day of the exhibition.
Such demonstration can only be terminated upon court order. If this is the first time you have discovered infringing products at an exhibition, there are several options how to deal with the situation: First, you can send a cease and desist letter to the company showcasing similar products. During the exhibition, you can contact representatives of the infringing company on their stand. If you anticipate that these measures will not result in voluntary termination of the infringement of your exclusive rights, you can ask a notary to record the infringement of your IP rights. The notary will make the protocol of examination of the infringing products that can later be used as evidence of the infringement. You can also submit a notice of infringement to the police. In case your notice is accepted, police officers can remove the contentious products from the exhibition. They are entitled to do so under the provisions of Article 13 of the Federal Law on the Police and Chapter 27 of the Administrative Offences Code.
According to the current legislation of the Russian Federation, any products or services can be recognized counterfeit if they have been adjudged so by the court. Therefore, the Exhibition Management Team cannot demand from any exhibitor to remove exhibits from display on a sheer claim from the rights owner that the products on display may be counterfeit.

Yet, if there is a court ruling in place prohibiting a specific exhibitor to commercialize the said products in any way, the Exhibition Management Team has the right to demand from that exhibitor that the infringing products should be removed from display.
According to the Article 17 of the General Terms of Participation in Exhibitions held at EXPOCENTRE Fairgrounds, if the exhibitor is showcasing infringing IP articles in defiance of the court prohibition to commercialize them in any way, the authorized personnel of EXPOCENTRE AO can demand that the said exhibitor should stop demonstrating these items. If the exhibitor refuses to comply, EXPOCENTRE AO reserves the right to terminate the participation contract with the infringing exhibitor before its term ends.

Therefore, if you have disclosed that an exhibitor is demonstrating an infringing exhibit in defiance of the court ruling prohibiting them to do so in relation to your IP, you can report the fact to the Exhibition Management Team.

When reporting the fact of infringing, you shall submit conclusive evidence of the infringement of your exclusive rights by an exhibitor. For instance, you can prove the fact of demonstration of the contentious product by a third party with the protocol of examination made by a notary.
No, EXPOCENTRE's personnel cannot certify the fact of demonstration of an infringing item at an exhibition. When you need to record the fact of infringing demonstration, you should contact a notary who will examine the evidence and make a protocol. The protocol can later serve as evidence of infringement in court and with administrative authorities.