Registration procedure

1. General provisions

1.1. The present Procedure regulates the registration of visitors to events (hereinafter referred to as the Event) held by Expocentre AO (hereinafter referred to as the Organizer), including the guidelines for online registration and the Business MatchMaking System for meeting appointments (hereinafter jointly referred to as the Services).
1.2. Submit the correct personal information when registering to the Event.  
1.3. After completing the online registration at the Event’s website and receiving the e-ticket, the visitor can use the Business MatchMaking System. To access the MatchMaking System, the visitor can use the same registration details which he/she used during the online registration.
1.4. Do not pass your registration details (login and password received during online registration) to third persons.
1.5. The registration to the Event implies acceptance of the terms and conditions of the Procedure.  
1.6. The Organizer reserves the right to alter the Procedure at any time.   
1.7. If the visitor fails to comply with the present Procedure, the Organizer has a right to block the visitor’s access to the Services without prior notice and without providing a statement of reasons.
1.8. Under no circumstances the Organizer is liable for any losses or damages arising from the use of Services of Expocentre AO and the registration process at the entrances to Expocentre Fairgrounds.

2. Registration Procedure

To attend the Event the Visitor has to

2.1.   Register using either of the two following ways:
2.1.1. Online registration at the Event’s official website. The visitor has to
  • complete the registration form at the Event’s official website providing the correct contact email address,
  • receive a personal e-ticket and print it out.
2.1.2.Registration at an entrance to Expocentre Fairgrounds. The visitor has to
  • in the absence of the printed out e-ticket or invitation, buy a ticket to the Event in one of the ticket offices of Expocentre Fairgrounds,
  • complete and sign a printed copy of the visitor questionnaire in one of the registration zones located at the entrances to Expocentre Fairgrounds.
2.2.  Exchange the printed e-ticket, or the ticket and the completed questionnaire, or the invitation and the completed questionnaire during the Event for a visitor badge at one of the registration counters located at the entrances to Expocentre Fairgrounds.
2.3.  The badge confirms registration of the Visitor to the Event.

3. Business MatchMaking System

3.1. T he Business MatchMaking System (hereinafter referred to as the System) is intended for targeted online selection of business partners and appointment of business meetings during Events.
3.2.  All visitors can use the System.
3.3.  All messages sent within the System express personal opinion of senders. Expocentre AO will not be liable for the content of any messages and the time taken by an addressee to respond to appointment request.   
3.4.  The responsibility for any actions in the MatchMaking System rests with the account owner regardless of who used the account.
3.5.  The Organizer is not liable for the information uploaded/added to the System by the user.
3.6.  Users must display mutual respect for each other.
3.7.  It is prohibited to display intolerance and/or discrimination.
3.8.  It is prohibited to use foul language, in any language, and images which are insulting or harm the reputation of System users in any part of a message (title, headline, message text, signature, etc.)
3.9.  It is prohibited to post damaging messages in company descriptions.
3.10. It is prohibited to post information contrary to laws of the Russian Federation.
3.11. It is prohibited to send bulk email messages with commercial advertising (spamming).
3.12. If the User believes he/she received a message containing insulting or misleading information, he/she has to inform the System administrator. It will help us to remove unscrupulous users from the System and create a favorable environment for business networking.
3.13. In case the User has not used the System for a long time, the System administrator can send the user a reminder about requested appointments by email.

4. Personal data

4.1. By completing the registration form at the Organizer’s website and/or the visitor questionnaire in one of the registration zones located at the entrances to Expocentre Fairgrounds, the User is giving consent to Expocentre AO (14, Krasnopresnenskaya nab., Moscow, 123100, Russia) to
  • make the personal data of the Visitor publically available to provide information and access to Expocentre Fairgrounds,
  • process the personal data of the Visitor using the services of contractors of the Organizer to register the Visitor and to carry out event audit, 
  • receive information and advertising about coming events, including from the companies and organizations which are in contractual relations with Expocentre AO, by email, telephone, SMS and mail,
  • be registered in the MatchMaking System as a visitor and to receive emails containing information and advertising from other System users with the purpose of making business appointments.

The consent will remain in effect for five years. It can be withdrawn, in writing, by the Visitor at any moment.

4.2. The personal data processing may include collection, record, classification, accumulation, storage, clarification (updating, alteration), retrieval, use, transfer (delivery, access), depersonalization, blocking, removal, and destruction of information.
4.3. The personal data processing may be either automated or manual.