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06.06.2018 16:14:00
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Today Expocentre Fairgrounds has opened its doors to Russia's main event in the exhibition and congress industry – the 5pEXPO 2018 Forum. This year it celebrates the 10th anniversary and runs along with the 7th Russian Conference on Trade Fairs "Trade Fairs and Congresses: Digital Economy Networking".

At the opening ceremony Expocentre General Director Sergey Bednov welcomed the Forum participants and said, "Ten years ago the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Expocentre thought of creating a project for trade show organizers and other industries. The 5pEXPO project was launched. Moreover, it has proved to be an effective networking and demonstration platform for local and foreign specialists in the trade show, congress and event industries. According to the Russian National Exhibition Rating, 5pEXPO has been chosen the best exhibition in the category 'Exhibition Industry' and today the show puts on display the latest achievements in this industry."

The Forum expands opportunities for business networking of trade show organizers, authorities, businesses, investors, industry associations, designers, constructors, and suppliers of equipment and materials. At the conference platforms of the Forum the industry experts discuss further development of trade show and congress business in Russia and worldwide and better cooperation between exhibitors and customers of exhibition services.

The integral part of 5pEXPO 2018 is expoPRODUCT, a trade show of the latest technologies and equipment, design and services. The exhibitors demonstrate original developments for design and construction of exhibition stands, prefabricated pavilions, special purpose equipment and materials. The expoProduct visitors can learn about advertising, marketing and information services, exhibition audit, registration systems, forwarding, financial, and insurance services.

5рEXPO 2018 runs at Expocentre along with the 7th Russian Conference on Trade Fairs "Trade Fairs and Congresses: Digital Economy Networking". Its participants are CEOs of trade show companies, representatives of government agencies, business, chambers of commerce and industry, and industry associations. They discuss application of trade show and congress tools for development of digital economy and for cooperation between government agencies and the trade show community.

The opening of the Forum coincides with the Global Exhibitions Day which has been celebrated by the global exhibition community for the third time already. The General meeting of the Russian Union of Exhibitions and Fairs was held the day before.

Vice President of the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Vladimir Dmitriev, Deputy of the Russian State Duma Valery Skrug, and President of the Russian Union of Exhibitions and Fairs Sergey Alexeev warmly congratulated providers of trade show and convention services and event organizers on the opening of the 5pEXPO Forum.

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