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The conference programme of the Elektro 2021 exhibition, opened at Expocentre Fairgrounds, has started with the Day of Science and Technology. 

A key event of the Day became the orientation session on Managing Innovations: Transformations Based on Knowledge-Intensive Technologies. Participants of the event included leading experts from the Russian public organisation for small and medium entrepreneurship Opora Russia, Inter RAO, Corporation MSP (SME), System Operator of Unified Energy System. They considered directions for innovative transformations in the electric power industry, which will define promising technological and market trends in the near future.

The industry professionals discussed qualitative and quantitative effects of the introduction of innovations in the Russian electric power industry, as well as approach of industry customers to R&D activities, efficiency of orders and transparency of R&D programmes.

Special attention was paid to new forms of interaction and partnership between science, business and universities. According to the experts, the National Technology Initiative Competence Centres existing within a university or research organisation are designed to unite potential customers, including major corporations, and developers from the leading universities. The Centres’ main objective is to develop innovative solutions in the field of end-to-end technologies (key science and technology areas) that provide leadership to companies that use these technologies to produce products and services. 

Opportunities and perspectives for cooperation with SMEs were discussed separately, as well as participation in international R&D projects as an incentive for competence development.

A workshop on the Industry’s System of Expertise of Design and New Technological Solutions: New Approaches to Performance took place within the Day of Science and Technology. Current practices in managing R&D implementation were presented at the workshop. Discussion took place on the methodology for assessing the technological readiness of R&D projects, basic methods for the examination of project design solutions, methods of their assessment and other issues.

The programme of the Day was complemented by the work of the NTI Centre, where networking with major customers of electrical products took place. The experts also showed great interest in TechnoShow, a competition for technological innovations. The visitors were introduced to the achievements of the Russian manufacturers in developing new types of electrical devices and materials of great practical importance and promising methods of their development and efficient use.

The conference programme of Elektro 2021: 

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