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The conference programme of Russian Health Care Week 2022 included the Panel Discussion of Support Measures for the Innovative Development of the Medical Industry. It was organised by the Medical Technology Consortium and EXPOCENTRE AO.

The meeting was attended by representatives of the Russian Ministry of Health Care, Federal Service for Surveillance in Health Care, state corporations, the Skolkovo Foundation and other relevant organisations, including the Center for Healthcare Quality Assessment and Control of the Russian Ministry of Health Care.

Sergey Selivanov, EXPOCENTRE's First Deputy Director General, in his welcoming address to the participants of the discussion, noted the relevance of the topic in the Decade of Science and Technology in the Russian Federation and reminded that Russian Health Care Week is part of two initiatives of the Decade: Designing the Future and Platforms for Interaction of Science, Business, State and Society.

 The moderators of the panel discussion, Ivan Ozhgikhin, Chairman of the Board of the Medical Technology Consortium, and Alexander Smirnov, General Director of the Association of the Defence Industry Organisations of Medical Devices and Equipment Manufacturers (APMI OPK), noted that medical industry enterprises have the task of achieving technological sovereignty of Russia in terms of medical device production to fulfill the most important social task of ensuring effective functioning of domestic organisations The innovative development of the production of high-tech medical equipment in these conditions is highly dependent on support from the state through development institutions.

After informative speeches on the issue of providing medical devices to the Russian health care system by Elena Astapenko, Director of the Department of Regulation of Drugs and Medical Devices of the Russian Ministry of Health Care and support for the introduction of innovative medical devices into the national market by Dmitry Pavlyukov, Deputy Head of the Federal Service for Surveillance in Health Care, Kirill Litvitsky, Director General of the Medical Technology Consortium, made a presentation on organisational support for the activities of the community of Russian medical equipment manufacturers to achieve technological sovereignty in the field of medical devices.

The panel discussion included presentations and contributions from representatives of development institutions and the professional community. The panel discussion aimed to achieve the following objectives:

1. To form an ecosystem facilitating the development of new medical devices, their production and marketing on the territory of the Russian Federation and for export.

2. To unite Russian manufacturers in order to develop consolidated initiatives to develop the production of medical devices in the Russian Federation as part of the implementation of the tasks to achieve technological sovereignty.

3. To identify ways of interaction and coordination between intellectual property owners, financial and development institutions, federal and regional authorities, the scientific community and medical research institutions, state corporations and defense industry enterprises, representatives of the business community and technology entrepreneurs, distributors, industrial design institutes in order to develop and produce innovative medical products.

4. To discuss the system of financing import substitution and innovation development projects for Russian enterprises - developers and manufacturers of medical devices.

5. To present the concept of the Centre of Competences of the Medical Technology Consortium as an integrator between all project participants from patent to market launch of products.

During the panel discussion, the issues of supporting the production of medical devices were discussed, taking into account the specifics and timing of the stages of development and testing, research and development, clinical validation, registration and organisation of production of high-tech medical devices. The discussion of these issues at the forum will enable participants to take into account current market requirements and optimise the combination of support mechanisms for start-ups and further development of production by state funds for the development and implementation of promising ideas and developments.

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