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The special Design Lounge at the Mebel 2021 international exhibition hosted a presentation entitled “How does colour affect a person's sense of space?”, which was organised by EXPOCENTRE AO and the Archdialog Company.

A vivid presentation by the well-known TV host, designer, architect, artist Elena Teplitskaya was of great interest to the assembled audience. According to the speaker, architecture and design are the most interesting things in life. She talked about what can colour do, what colour can be used, and what are its properties. For example, you should not spend too much time in a room in red, as the degree of arousal would be enormous. If a person is depressed, a little red in a room is enough to give them energy. Blue is deep, calm, static. Green is invigorating, natural. Blue - air, space, a desire to breathe. People with lung diseases can be placed in a pastel blue or pastel turquoise room, it is easier to breathe. Orange is the colour of openness and is favoured by impulsive people.

"Colour is the most powerful tool in the hands of a designer," said Elena Teplitskaya and urged that it should be used as effectively as possible. 

Press Service, EXPOCENTRE AO