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The accompanying programme of the 20th edition of the Neftegaz 2021 international exhibition began on its opening day at Expocentre Fairgrounds. A Session on Power and Control Conductors for Oil and Gas Production was organised by EXPOCENTRE AO together with the Electrocable International Association and the Russian Aluminum Association. 

The session featured thematic presentations and a seminar of the Aluminum Association with the theme, “Aluminum Solutions for the Oil and Gas Industry.” Main events of the session held in the zone of business presentations were moderated by acclaimed experts: Maxim Tretyakov, General Director of Elkat LLC (Moskabelmet Group), President and Board Chairman of the Electrocable International Association; Pavel Moryakov, General Director of MKM PJSC (Moskabelmet Group), head of the Energy sector of the Russian Aluminum Association; and Alexander Gusev, head of the RusCable media holding, member of the Scientific and Technical Council for the Development of Electrical and Cable Industry, member of the Interagency Coordination Council for the Development of Energy Machine Building, Electrical and Cable Industry under the Russian Industry and Trade Ministry. 

Leading specialists of Stabcab LLC, NPO MIR, Elektrokabel, Cable Alliance Holding LLC, Tomskabel LLC, CRES Group, PromKhimTekh LLC, SSTenergomontazh LLC, Goya Consulting, Roxtec RU LLC, Kamsky Kabel, Real Shtorm, Moskabelmet, the Institute of Light Materials and Technologies, and the Aluminum Association shared practices, latest products, and innovative solutions with the colleagues.  

They addressed a broad range of issues ranging from innovative cable technologies in the oil and gas sector, new information transfer technologies and digital transformation of fields to cost and tax reduction in oil and gas construction projects and aluminum solutions for the oil and gas industry. 

Neftegaz 2021 accompanying programme: 

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