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The Khimia 2022 conference programme included a Panel on Robotisation of the Chemical Industry. It was organised by the Russian Association of Robotics (RAR).

The moderator of the panel, RAR Executive Director Olga Mudrova, in her opening remarks emphasized that robotisation for chemical production facilities is a key and important area, both in the formation of new materials, in inspection systems, and in laboratory research.

Robovisard's Deputy Director Roman Timofeev said that robotisation is making great strides in industrial enterprises. According to the International Federation of Robotics, last year more than half a million industrial robots were installed in factories around the world (half of them in China). The task of robotising production is primarily to create a comfortable working environment for humans. To free him from 3D - dirty, dangerous, dull jobs.

Alisa Sotnikova, Deputy Director of Degree of Freedom, gave a presentation on collaborative robots. She noted that robots in mass use have six degrees of mobility, which is similar to the mobility of our hands. That is, the robot can do what we do with our hands, but without us being present. In addition, she said, collaborative robots have low assembly and disassembly costs, ease of creating auxiliary interfaces, safety, and other advantages.

The panel was attended by industry experts - Alexander Nevolin, CEO of Nevlabs, Timofey Semyonov, Commercial Director of Tubot, Maxim Kamolikov, Director of AM Service, and Ekaterina Skorb, Director of the ITMO Infochemistry Research and Education Centre. They spoke in detail about various aspects of robotisation, about the possibility of using robots to significantly increase the efficiency of business processes and the degree of control over production, the quality of manufactured products, to reduce the impact of hazardous production on humans, and to eliminate the occurrence of emergency situations.

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