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Expocentre Fairgrounds hosted the 9th International Meat Congress “Functional Foods: the Current Trend of Food Industry Development.

Nutritionists, marketers, manufacturers of healthy foods, and employees of the V.M. Gorbatov Federal Research Center for Food Systems, which organised the congress, addressed industry professionals. They spoke about the modern scientific approach to creating functional foods, technological aspects of their production, and relevant legislative regulations. The event took place at the Agroprodmash 2019 international exhibition and evoked keen interest in the professional community.

Anastasia Dzhafarova, GfK expert, focused on consumer market analysis, noted the potential and prospects of functional foods for the food industry development. Retail chains which sell healthy food such as VkusVill are significantly increasing their sales volume, she said.

A keen interest in functional nutrition results from higher awareness and care for one's health, specialists said. The food industry has a unique opportunity to improve health of the population by producing and selling a new category of foods, functional foods, which have the traditional nutritional value while being able to improve physical and mental health and lower the risk of diseases.

According to surveys of DISCOVERY Research Group presented at the congress, functional food sales reached 878,690 million rubles in Russia in 2017. The volume is expected to grow to 912,477 million rubles in 2019. This is at least 0.1% of the total food sales, which means the scope of production and sale of functional foods can be expanded further and the unoccupied sector of the Russian market has an economic future. 

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