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A series of seminars for CEOs and marketers of private clinics organised by Expocentre AO and the Imperia Congress and Exhibition Company have taken place at the Reklama 2019 exhibition.

The analysis of the private health care market was presented to participants in the seminars. It was noted, in particular, that the number of private medical centres had been soaring by 26% per year in Russia. However, the market of medical services has its specifics, which require unusual marketing tactics and tools because of high reputational risks.

According to the opinion poll carried out by the Public Opinion Foundation in April, 49% of the Russians aged 18 to 30 prefer private medical centres to state-run ones. A practical seminar suggested algorithms of interaction with various age and regional groups.

The emphasis was put on advertising and promotion of private clinics, and clinics' exterior and interior as an important part of marketing communication.

The participants were told about the ways of effective planning and funding of advertising, and online marketing trends which could help develop the best online promotion strategy and raise the demand for clinic services.

CEOs of acclaimed clinics and companies such as Paper Planes Consulting Agency, Healthy Marketing, TexTerra, Family Doctor, and AtEco Design, were seminar speakers.

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