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The 19th edition of the International Exhibition for Equipment and Technologies for Oil and Gas Industry, Neftegaz 2019, took place at Expocentre Fairgrounds on April 15-18. 2019. The participation of global and domestic majors of the oil and gas industry and the fuel and energy sector reaffirmed the high international status and authority of the exhibition in the eyes of the professional community. According to exhibitors and industry professionals, Neftegaz 2019 demonstrated new opportunities of innovative development of the industry.

Генадий Шмаль, президент Союза нефтегазопромышленников России

Genady Shmal,
President of the Union of Oil and Gas Producers of Russia:

Neftegaz plays a colossal role in the national economy. Such exhibitions are necessary to demonstrate what we have done over the year, especially under the current circumstances. We have been living under the sanctions for five years now, but the oil and gas sector has been successful and sustainable nonetheless. We are seeing some growth every year, although it is not large. Last year's production amounted to over 557 million tonnes of oil and 725 billion cubic meters of gas.

Each year, the exhibition presents something new. Each year, we say that we are moving forward. The exhibition and the National Oil and Gas Forum share the task of finding the best and most effective ways to solve problems of difficult oil, refining, and petro-chemistry. There is need for new technologies. Each exhibition makes headway. Lots of new and interesting things have appeared thanks to Expocenter. This is the mainstream of our technological and technical development.

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Алексей Ерохин, заместитель министра экономического развития Алтайского края

Alexey Yerokhin, Deputy Economic Development Minister of the Altai Territory:

The Altai Territory is more than agriculture and tourism. It is also an industrial zone. We have been traditionally developing the chemical industry, metalworking, and production of composite materials. We have vast competences in the oil and gas field. We have issued a catalogue of the Altai Territory presenting all of our enterprises and have started to participate in oil-and-gas shows.

This year, we decided to take part in the Neftegaz exhibition. We had some reservations about the group stand, but it appeared to have a higher synergetic effect. There is a set of proposals and ideas, which may be interesting for oil-and-gas companies. The Economic Development Ministry of the Altai Territory is acting as the integrator and the guarantor of agreements to be reached here.

We liked Neftegaz 2019 a lot. It displayed the interest of the expert community in new ideas and materials. The number of experts is much bigger at this exhibition than at others. I think our participation in Neftegaz will continue next year.

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Сергей Агауров, генеральный директор ООО «Химмаш-Аппарат»

Sergey Agaurov, General Director at Khimmash-Apparat:

Our engineering company designs technological equipment for oil and gas refineries, chemistry, and petrochemistry. The idea of cooperating with the Neftegaz exhibition originated a long time ago. We have been an exhibitor for over five years. We like the exhibition very much, and see it as our professional forum. We are also a partner of the Neftegaz 2019 supporting event program, so we present a new small and medium hydro-treatment technology at a conference. Many small and medium business clients have been invited to our conference. This is our chance to develop and broaden relations with clients in spheres of interest. The industry receives first-hand information about new products at the exhibition. We are satisfied with the location of our stand and the visitor turnout.

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Никита Ямутов, главный конструктор ООО «МЕКО»

Nikita Yamutov, General Designer at MEKO:

Our company manufactures switchgear cabinets and enclosures. We are relatively new to the market. We have decided to participate in Neftegaz 2019 combined with Elektro 2019 to make our presence known. All our main clients are here. There is a big interest in our products. We have also found suppliers thanks to Expocentre. For now, we are part of the group stand of Chuvashia's industrial cluster. We are hoping to open a stand of our own at next year’s edition.

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Андрей Куликов, руководитель департамента ГК «ЧЭАЗ»

Andrey Kulikov, Department Head at ChEAZ Group:

Just like other main suppliers of oil and gas equipment, ChEAZ Group has been participating in Neftegaz since the early 2000s. We are an official partner of the exhibition. We view this as a status. We are strengthening existent business relations, looking for new clients, and presenting ourselves. The exhibition demonstrates our new products. The design of our stand has been improved year after year to heighten its recognition. We have a broad range of products and need much space. We participate in numerous regional exhibitions, but Expocentre Fairgrounds in Moscow is the biggest exhibition venue, which is known to everyone. It draws representatives of foreign and Russian companies. Speaking from experience, it also has the highest visitor turnout.

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Мария Склярова, коммерческий директор ООО «ПФ «АКСИОС»

Maria Sklyarova,
Commercial Director at PF AKSIOS:

Neftegaz is one of the most remarkable exhibitions in the industry. The oil and gas industry is a leading consumer of our sealing elements. We have been receiving visitors since morning. Our employees, engineers are not idle at the stand. We have also visited stands of enterprises, which might become our clients. We are glad we have chosen to participate in the exhibition. We feel comfortable. The exhibition management team and organisers are always hospitable. We can bring any question to them. Everything is done fast and well. The event is well organised. We have a very good impression.

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Дмитрий Мазурец, руководитель проекта ГК ЧТПЗ

Dmitry Mazurets,
Project Supervisor at ChTPZ Group:

ChTPZ Group is a long-standing participant in Neftegaz exhibitions. This year, we demonstrate our equipment for various industries, and the format of our participation is quite unusual. We present a big slide show dedicated to our new products. The goal is to tell partners about new products, to demonstrate our current achievements, and to learn about tasks faced by oil and gas producers.

This venue is a chance to present oneself and to meet with colleagues. A chance to communicate is always mutually advantageous. Our clients, oil and gas companies, can learn something new and ask producers a question as to how they should deal with a particular task. Meanwhile, we can learn about needs, products offered by our colleagues, market trends, and the direction our industry is going.

Partnership with Neftegaz is strategic for us. This is a key exhibition of the oil and gas sector. One can demonstrate products to the fullest extent and hear the opinion of colleagues and wishes of clients. We feel comfortable at the exhibition. We intend to continue our participation. We already have a concept of our participation next year.

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Андрей Степусь, начальник отдела продаж автотехники ОАО «Минский завод колесных тягачей»

Andrei Stepus,
Sales Department Head at the Minsk Plant of Wheeled Tractors:

This exhibition is part of our image. We make vehicles for oil and gas companies and participate in the exhibition year after year. This is the venue for communication with our loyal clients and for the search for new contacts and clients.

The entire range of our vehicles is popular. Our main partners are companies based in Russia, Russian and European suppliers of component parts. We take all requirements of our clients into consideration, design vehicles consistent with their technical assignments, and together make a product needed by the market.

There is no doubt that face-to-face contacts are more effective and fruitful for cooperation that communication from a distance. So we are trying to hold our meetings and negotiations on the universal platform. Neftegaz is one of our priorities. It is the venue where we communicate and establish contacts, which eventually develop into agreements. This is very important.

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Антон Макаревич, старший инженер по применению продукции ООО «ПРОСОФТ-СИСТЕМЫ»

Anton Makarevich,
Senior Engineer at Prosoft Systems:

Our company has been participating in Neftegaz exhibitions since 2008. This is our professional show, and we are a regular exhibitor. It is always productive.

This year, we present the advancement of our product range and the automation platform. We always try to show our products as much as we can. We are glad to be here every year.

Neftegaz is a major annual show held in Moscow, so we want to tell as much about ourselves as possible and to speak with colleagues. This exhibition has been very effective. We have met with oil and engineering companies. I think the meetings will be continued.

There is nothing better than face-to-face communication. We build our stand for our clients and partners. This is the place to see and discuss new products. Top ranking executives and engineers are always present at the stand to make the meetings productive. We are also interested in seeing new products of our colleagues and partners. The exhibition is an extremely important and necessary event. Our participation will continue. We have a number of prospective products, which we will present next year.

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