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Conference on the Current Development Trends in the Oil and Gas Business: Innovative Strategies, Digital Transformation, Increasing Operational Efficiency of Oil Companies has become one of the supporting events of Neftegaz 2021, which aroused great interest of professionals. The event is organised by the Moscow Institute of Oil and Gas Business and EXPOCENTRE AO. 

The conference opened with a presentation by Rustem Shagiev, Rector of the Moscow Institute of Oil and Gas Business. His presentation took into account the Institute's 20 years of experience in conducting educational events for the oil and gas industry. He noted with satisfaction that during these years about 15 thousand managers and specialists of oil and gas companies had been trained at the Institute and the educational events were held by the Institute in 28 countries of the world. 

Speaking about innovative development of the global oil and gas complex, the rector stressed that over the past decade there had been business technological revolutions, such as the shale revolution, advances in digital transformation, modelling, well exploration, heavy oil production. "Today the following formula is being implemented in the industry: innovation as a factor of economic growth and exchange of innovation for results," said Rustem Shagiev. 

The conference participants discussed in detail formation of innovative teams in the oil and gas industry, exchange views on how companies should move forward in the current conditions, how young industry professionals should build their career. 

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