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The 3rd Scientific and Educational Forum THE YOUNG MEDICINE has opened its doors at EXPOCENTRE Fairgrounds.

Chair at the Federation Council Committee on Social Policy Inna Svyatenko welcomed the forum participants. In her welcoming remarks she said, “Healthcare is one of the strategic areas that are under close attention of the state. Medical technologies are rapidly developing in Russia. Telemedicine and AI are being actively introduced, which greatly simplify medical care and improve the quality of services. Integrative scientific, educational, research and production structures are being created on a global scale, and the younger generation is given more opportunities to master the professions of the future. Today, new areas are emerging in medicine, where young researchers and new discoveries are in high demand.”

Inna Svyatenko also emphasised that THE YOUNG MEDICINE has been opening new names of promising young researchers from the Russian regions for three years already. Over these years, the forum has become a unique platform where one can plunge into the innovative environment, get acquainted with breakthrough achievements in the field of medicine, and learn from the experience of the most renowned researchers.

Tatyana Moskalkova, Ombudsman for Human Rights in Russia, greeted the forum participants saying that “in the list of human rights, the human right to health protection, quality and affordable medical care is in the first place. The YOUNG MEDICINE forum has an enduring significance. It is a platform that brings together young medical researchers, health care organisers, representatives of business, development institutions and human rights defenders.”

Addressing the participants, Tatiana Moskalkova drew attention to the detailed programme of the event, which includes the widest range of issues related to medical science and self-fulfillment of young people. This, she believes, is very important, as the success of young people is a social investment in the future of our country. “Russia's medical and technological sovereignty also depends on the success of young researchers. In the conditions of unprecedented sanctions imposed by the collective West, it is very important for us to be independent in the production of medicines, in our medical technologies, in the development of new methods and methodologies of treatment and rehabilitation,” said Tatiana Moskalkova.

Tatiana Semyonova, Russian Deputy Minister of Health Care, welcomed the participants of the YOUNG MEDICINE Forum on behalf of the Russian Ministry of Health Care. She conveyed the words of good wishes from Mikhail Murashko, Russian Minister of Health Care.  

The Russian Ministry of Health Care invariably supports the YOUNG MEDICINE competition, as this platform actively involves representatives of Russian regions in research activities and brings together a broad team of like-minded people. This year, 386 applications from 52 regions of Russia were submitted to the competition. Applications are also received from other countries, giving the project an international status.

The Deputy Minister of Health Care concluded her address to the forum participants with inspiring words: “We are determined that all your research, all your ideas, all your developments will be supported, followed up and implemented in the practical health care system.”

Ekaterina Dibrova, President at the Filatov International Foundation for Biomedical Technologies, Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences, member of the Expert Council on Health Care under the Federation Council Committee on Social Policy, briefly spoke about the development of the YOUNG MEDICINE project, which is rapidly growing and expanding, receiving support from the heads of the most respected state institutions.

According to Ekaterina Dibrova, 206 medical universities and research centres are already involved in the project. The task of this year's YOUNG MEDICINE is to create a special environment for young medical researchers to develop and fulfil themselves. Experts, organisers of national health care, and representatives of leading scientific schools will have direct, personal contact with the winners of the competition, who will also be able to undergo internships with personalised support in flagship research laboratories.

Ekaterina Dibrova highly appreciated the role of EXPOCENTRE in the organisation of the YOUNG MEDICINE Forum and expressed her sincere gratitude to Alexey Vyalkin, the company’s general director, for high-quality organisation and comprehensive assistance in holding such a large-scale event.

For his part, Director General at EXPOCENTRE AO Alexey Vyalkin on behalf of the organisers of Russian Health Care Week thanked the participants and visitors to the forum, noting that the strategic objective of the exhibitions remains to help demonstrate and promote advanced scientific and technological innovations that can serve for the benefit of our country. “We are very proud to have the opportunity to participate in the organisation of such a large-scale and important event. I am sure that holding the YOUNG MEDICINE forum together with Russian Health Care Week allows not only to discuss the main issues of state policy, investment development, human resources potential, but also to present the developments of talented young researchers,” he Alexey Vyalkin. 

The opening ceremony of the 3rd Scientific and Educational Forum THE YOUNG MEDICINE was concluded with the presentation of the Scientific Leadership memorable award to Vladimir Chekhonin, Deputy President of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Director of the Research Institute of Personalised Medicine. The academician was awarded with it for his outstanding contribution to the development of Russian biomedical technologies. Vsevolod Tkachuk, Dean of the Faculty of Fundamental Medicine at Lomonosov Moscow State University, Director of the Institute of Regenerative Medicine at Moscow State University, Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences, was also honoured with the Scientific Leadership Award.

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