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Vladimir Kononov, Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Science and Higher Education, Chairman of the NTI Expo Organising Committee:

- Today marks the opening of another RENWEX 2022 international exhibition and forum, which will be held for several days at the unique venue of EXPOCENTRE Fairgrounds. The event has a large conference programme that will discuss modern energy issues, with a focus on renewable energy and electric transport.

RENWEX is part of NTI Expo project (Research-Technology-Innovations Expo) which we are doing together with the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, EXPOCENTRE AO and a number of federal ministries and departments. The essence of this project is to ensure that the best Russian technologies are put into practice. The point of any invention or innovation is that it must work for people. I wish health, prosperity, success and good luck to all the participants in the RENWEX 2022 international forum and exhibition.

Semyon Lapin, Development Director at Electrocars:

- Today we are exhibitors at RENWEX 2022. Last year we were here for the first time as visitors. We enjoyed it very much. We met the manufacturers of charging stations, those who showcased their products here, got interested, and this year we are already participating ourselves. We brought an electric car and charging infrastructure to the exhibition. We are the creators and builders of charging infrastructure in the Urals, as well as suppliers of electric cars.

The show is interesting. There are a lot of new thigs. Here people share experiences, achievements, discuss relevant topics. I believe the exhibition has the great future.

Nikolay Chekhonadsky, Engineer of APCS Department at Kosmos-Neft-Gas:

- RENWEX is a networking platform for people who are interested in alternative energy sources. It allows us to see trends of modern industry, demand of companies and consumers, to share experiences and get new contacts. 

We are expecting representatives of both large and small companies at our stand. These are mainly communications companies operating in the Far North, Siberia, and the Far East. And it’s especially good that this platform is convenient for meeting people from different regions of our large country.

Mikhail Nurkas, Sales Manager of the Energy and Industry Department at Akku-Vertrieb:

- This is the first time we are exhibiting at RENWEX. Since this exhibition is related to renewable energy, and we present products that use technological solutions in this type of energy, we, of course, decided to participate. And we have a lot to show.

RENWEX allowed us to present our latest development, the lithium battery. There are a lot of professional visitors at the exhibition, who come for specific solutions. Our novelty is also popular - people are interested, they ask questions. RENWEX is an excellent working platform.

Denis Vlasov, Director of the Electric Energy Storage and Conversion Systems Department at DKC:

- This year, we decided to participate in this exhibition again, because we evaluated positively the contacts and the results of the last year. There were a lot of interesting meetings. At this year's trade show we are presenting our novelty - a charging station for electric cars. People from all the regions came to visit us. The exhibition has just begun, but we have already talked to people from the North who are solving autonomy issues in the northern regions.

DKC is a Russian manufacturer, which is especially relevant for import substitution. I am sure that this exhibition will result in many interesting contacts and success.