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The 27th edition of the Reklama 2019 international exhibition was launched today at Expocentre Fairgrounds. The trade show featured the panel on Self-Regulation in the Advertising Industry: Results, Trends, Priorities organised by the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Expocentre AO, the Association of Communication Agencies of Russia (AKAR), and the Centre for Business Communications Development.

Deputy Head of the Russian Federal Antimonopoly Service Andrey Kashevarov welcomed the panel participants and thanked Expocentre enabling all players of the advertising industry to annually bring together at Reklama. He expressed confidence that the meeting would help move forward on the way to the development of self-regulation in the Russian advertising industry.

Head Exhibition Operating Management of Expocentre AO Ekaterina Bednova welcomed the participants in the trade show and the panel and noted some increase in the number and quality of Reklama. She reminded the attendees of the history of the Reklama exhibition that started in 1988 and brought together 51 companies from 12 countries. Russian companies did not take part at that time. This year the trade show has united 237 companies from 18 countries, a fifth of which are Russian companies including 20 small and medium businesses from different regions of Russia, said Ekaterina Bednova.

On behalf of the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Director, of the Department of Exhibition, Trade Fair, and Congress Activities Sergey Selivanov of CCI of Russia congratulated the participants on the opening of Reklama 2019.

At the beginning of the discussion Andrey Kashevarov has identified the main issues concerning self-regulation in the Russian advertising industry. He said that one of the main issues was the necessity of legislative support of that process and emphasised it was time to move from the pilot project on development of self-regulating organisations (SRO) launched in St. Petersburg in 2017 to the federal level.

Chairman of the Committee on Entrepreneurship in Advertising of the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Sergey Piskarev focused on the necessity to identify funding sources and to understand how to scale the project, how to build a federal system, and how the governing bodies should function.

The first results of implementation of the pilot project on development of SRO and mechanisms and approaches to the development of advertising self-regulation in Russia were presented by Chairman of the Board of the Association of Marketing Industry "Advertising Council" Sergey Pilatov. According to him, SRO covered all players of St. Petersburg advertising market. Only since April 2019 to the present day there have been considered 30, applications which is equivalent to the number of applications per year in Russia.

To ensure the operation and functioning of SRO there has been created the Association of Marketing Industry "Advertising Council". According to the head of the Association, to expand the experience of St. Petersburg in other regions of Russia, it is necessary to synchronise law enforcement practice.

First Vice President of AKAR Alexey Kovylov highlighted the international aspect of SRO activity and the issues of membership in the European Advertising Standards Alliance (EASA).

The participants in the panel were representatives of all sectors of the advertising market such as advertising manufacturers and customers, regulators, communications agencies, mass media, and other companies.

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