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Photonics 2024 has hosted the Panel on the Russian-Chinese Cooperation in the Field of Photonics. It was organised by the Laser Association and EXPOCENTRE AO.

The panel featured a number of presentations by Chinese and Russian specialists on topics of mutual interest and the potential for joint ventures.

Ivan Kovsh, President of the Laser Association, said that the association had been working with Chinese partners from Hubei province since 2006. A lot of experience has been accumulated, and it will be further developed. This is confirmed by the large number of Chinese companies at Photonics 2024.  

“China has taken the top place in the world in the number of published scientific articles and patents in the field of photonics. Therefore, in my opinion, today we need to intensify information exchange with China. Our projects should not be reduced only to technology exchange and joint construction. We need to develop cooperation in publishing joint scientific journals, information exchange, and holding joint conferences. We need the state's help in this respect,” said Ivan Kovsh.

Zhu Yun, Head at the Center for Chinese-Russian Scientific and Technological Cooperation of the Hubei Province, in his turn, expressed hope that communications between Chinese and Russian specialists at Photonics will give impetus to the development of cooperation between companies of the two countries, which will eventually lead to the creation of joint projects and, perhaps, joint ventures.

Press Service, EXPOCENTRE AO