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Prospects and experience in the use of robots in the food industry were discussed by the participants in the workshop on Robots in the Food Industry that was held within Agroprodmash 2019 at Expocentre Fairgrounds. The event is organised by the Russian Association of Robotics (RAR).

Demographic processes taking place in Russia is one of the main prerequisites to robotisation of the food production, believes CEO of Bitrobotics Svyatoslav Stesin. According to him, in terms of out-migration from the Russian regions, automation allows solving the problem of understaffing at food companies. At the same time automated systems are payed off quickly and significantly increase productivity. The expert elaborated on the challenges related to implementation of robotic systems and provided practical advice: where to start and how to build a project strategy for process automation.

Is robotisation always justified? Denis Chukin, Account Manager of Ready Robot, tried to answer this question. He pointed out that automation projects should be considered only after all possible ways of increase in labour productivity were tested. For this purpose one should calculate all technical, financial, and legal aspects of these processes.

Representatives of RoboTekhnika, Ukam Group, Metra, Yaskawa, and Omron Electronics told about application of collaborative robots in the food industry, practice of using robotic systems of packaging and palletisation, robotisation of transport, inbound logistics, and other solutions.

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