subscribe to news Sergey Bednov took part in a meeting with chairpersons of committees and councils of the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

April 30, Vice President of the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Dmitry Kurochkin held a regular online meeting with chairpersons of the chamber’s 21 committees and councils, and Vice President Elena Dybova.

The main topics were the implementation of proposals from the chamber’s committees and councils for support of entrepreneurs in the midst of fighting COVID-19, and the results of regulating measures in April 2020.

Dmitry Kurochkin summed up the results of development, analysis and summary of proposals from the committees, councils and associations of entrepreneurs, which are members of the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, to improve the sustainability of the Russian economy, support entrepreneurial activities, and phase out the restrictive measures taken to stop COVID-19. Several packages of measures were prepared by the chamber and sent to the Russian Government.

One more important topic was related the most relevant current activities of the chamber’s committees and councils. Sergey Bednov, Chairman of the Committee on Exhibition and Fairs Activities, proposed a series of measures for support of companies and organisations of the exhibition and event industry, including property and land tax relief, and extending these measures to 2021. He also announced a meeting of heads of major exhibition and congress venues on May 19 at the chamber to discuss the industry’s current problems.

In the conclusion, Ms. Dybova informed all participants about the results of the second special projects of the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, The Country’s Business Barometer.

Press Service of EXPOCENTRE AO (adapted from materials by the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry)