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The 12th Congress of the Photonics Technology Platform has hosted a conference on radiophotonics. The event was organised by the Laser Association and EXPOCENTRE AO 

It was moderated by Maxim Ladugin, representative of the Research and Production Complex at Stelmakh Polus Research Institute, which is Russia’s leading laser technology research centre and part of Shvabe Holding of Rostech Corporation.  

By the decision of the Government of the Russian Federation, the institute was determined to be the basic organisation of the military-industrial complex carrying out research for the development of radiophotonics technology.

Radiophotonics is a scientific, technical and technological direction related to the operation of satellite communications, electronic warfare systems, and radar calibration – everywhere where information transmission at ultra-high speeds is required. Formation of a new scientific direction on the basis of Polus Research Institute allows carrying out large-scale research and using the latest developments for creation of radiophotonic systems in wireless and satellite networks, laser range-finders, aerodrome antennas, radars, and gyroscopes. The development of radiophotonics will enable the telecommunications industry to switch to transmission of ultra-large volumes of information at ultra-high speeds exceeding the current values.

“The development of Russian radiophotonics is one of the conditions for the technological sovereignty of our country. The devices created using radiophotonics technology will differ from the existing analogues in terms of speed, accuracy, high level of noise immunity, and a number of other advantages,” says Vadim Kalyugin, General Director at Shvabe Holding.

The radiophotonics conference was attended by representatives of leading research and educational institutions and sectoral production enterprises.

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