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09.06.2018 13:47:00
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Владимир Дмитриев, вице-президент ТПП РФ

Vladimir Dmitriev, Vice President, Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

"Global Exhibitions Day was a Russian initiative that was supported by our foreign partners. It is not only a celebration. It is the day of the professional unity of the exhibition community, the day for uniting the interests and for a professional dialogue with our foreign partners aimed to develop the exhibition business, foster ties, and exchange not only experience but also events.  

Every time at 5рЕХРО we see the growing interest, emergence of new partners, more opportunities for Russian companies, which develop their potential in the MICE industry in the new environment of economy digitalization. Expocentre Fairgrounds, which hosts the forum, is unique both infrastructure and location wise. It will always be sought after."     

Максим Афанасьев, заместитель председателя Координационного совета по выставочной деятельности г. Екатеринбурга 

Maksim Afanasiev, Deputy Chairman, Ekaterinburg Coordination Council on Exhibition Activities

"Here at the 10th anniversary edition of 5рЕХРО we have a group stand of Ekaterinburg. This event is very important and groundbreaking for us. Everything related to the forum's events is very important for us as we gain knowledge from the most experienced professionals of the exhibition business. We hope that in November of 2018 Ekaterinburg will be able to win the right to host EXPO 2025. We are positive that this forum will help us to join efforts with our partners and colleagues who are rooting for the Russian exhibition business. We would like to thank the organizers of 5рЕХРО 2018 who consider the needs of Russian regions. Expocentre, both as an exhibition organizer and a venue, is our beacon of quality. We always accept invitations to take part in this event, which is needed by the community of exhibition professionals and has great prospects."    

Илья Трубников, руководитель проектов компании «Кьюбик» 

Ilya Trubnikov, Project Manager, QBIK 

"For us the forum's exhibition is a showcase of our products in the right environment to people who make exhibitions. This year we have developed and presented a Qbik box concept. This solution is adapted for exhibitions specifically. We also demonstrate a new two-level stand made of 2х2 and 3х3 modules. Today's exhibition is a major event with a large number of participants who work in this sector of exhibition services. The forum and exhibition offer a great opportunity to network, a chance for clients to meet manufacturers face to face, see new products. 5рЕХРО has a bright future."  

Сергей Бирюков, генеральный директор ООО «ЛЕД СКРИН СЕРВИС» 

Sergey Biryukov, General Director, Led Screen Service

"It is our first time here. It is one those platforms which bring together exhibition professionals who are our potential customers and partners. The results are great. There were many visitors, and our stand attracted a lot of interest. It is a unique opportunity to see all of your customers and find potential clients over just two days. The exhibition and conference are very interesting for the exhibition community. A lot of interesting topics were discussed.

The event management here is very good. Everything is easily accessible and comfortable. All details were worked out. We work with many companies and can compare them. We can safety say that Expocentre is up to the task. I would like to thank the organizers. A great deal of work has been done. I am very satisfied with this event. We will come back to the next edition and will recommend it to our partners."  

Андрей Жуковский, генеральный директор ООО «Русском Ай-Ти Системс» 

Andrey Zhukovsky, General Director, RussCom IT Systems  

"5pEXPO is a unique event. It is Russia's only exhibition for exhibition professionals. Of course, this event is what we need. It is an effective marketing instrument. It would be odd if we, exhibition professionals, did not have such an instrument. It is great that Expocentre and the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry have been running and developing this event for so many years.

For our company this exhibition is a real instrument to promote our services. It brings together all exhibition industry professionals. We see exhibition organizers, exhibition service providers, and major exhibitors, everyone who is involved in this industry. There is no other venue that would bring all of them under one roof. 5pEXPO shows full sized exhibits, offers supporting events and everything necessary to find solutions we are looking for.

Exhibitions become more prominent and have a great importance for the economy and society. We have to understand it. Global Exhibitions Day, which was launched recently, will no doubt promote it.

I would like to wish Expocentre every success. Expocentre is the history of Russia's largest trade shows, a wealth of experience, outstanding professionals, and a fantastic venue in the centre of Moscow."

Михаэль Мандель, заместитель генерального директора ООО «Мессе Дюссельдорф Москва»

Michael Mandel, Deputy Director General, Messe Dusseldorf Moscow

"Our company has supported this event from the very beginning as a meeting point to discuss event management, stand construction and other related issues. The forum covers problems faced by the exhibition industry. It is co-located with the RUEF general meeting. It means that exhibition professionals from all over Russia come to Expocentre.  

All these years, Messe Dusseldorf has been an active forum participant. This year the focus is on digital technologies. Various conferences and workshops with experts were devoted to this topic. 5pEXPO has proved to be a perfect platform to discuss issues of digital transformations in the exhibition industry.  

It is great that here we meet our colleagues from all over Russia and celebrate our professional holiday, Global Exhibitions Day."