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The Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry jointly with the TPP-Inform video channel has launched a new project “Russia Exhibiting”.  It is a series of broadcasts on the emerging and development of exhibition activity in Russia.

The exhibition activity in Russia has ancient historical roots. In 1641, under the order of Tsar Mikhail Fyodorovich the first Russian fair was organised at the walls of Makaryev monastery near Nizhny Novgorod.

Since XIX century the Russia’s largest  fairs served not only as centres of trade but also as centres for sharing experience, knowledges, arts, technical skills and achievements in science.

On May 9, 1829, the first public exhibition of Russian manufactory goods was held in Saint Petersburg. The exhibition worked for 3 weeks and had a great success.

Russia became a permanent participant in World Expo since the very first world fair which took place in 1851 in London.

Soviet exhibitions were the most important milestone in exhibition history of Russia. Their main purpose was to enlighten the population and to share experience. During the Soviet period All-Union Chamber of Commerce (since 1972 - the USSR Chamber of Commerce) organised exhibitions abroad. In 1959, Expocentre was established, and thereafter it became an organiser of the largest international exhibitions. The same year the exhibition of the US industry achievements took place at Sokolniki, Moscow. It was the first major project to launch a series of national exhibitions. At the same time, a similar exhibition of national economic achievements of the USSR was held in the USA.

Exhibitions are often called the mirror of economy. And nowadays exhibition sector, as well as the whole economy, is going through some hard times. Holding part of events in online format in some way smooths the hardship of pandemic period, but it is hardly a substitute for real exhibitions and fairs.  However, there is every reason to look to the future with optimism. And one of them can be considered a long tradition of exhibition activity in our country.

The first issues of "Russia Exhibiting" series can be viewed on the website of the CCI of Russia.

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Based on materials of CCI of Russia