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The Chamber of Commerce of Cuba is holding the first national exhibition of Cuba in Moscow. Cuba in Russia 2019 is on between 18 and 20 of September.

Expocentre Fairgrounds is giving host to 50 Cuban enterprises that are demonstrating their export capacity, R&D achievements and investment projects on a floor space of 600 sq. m. The visitors to the exhibition have a chance to see achievements of the Republic of Cuba in many spheres such as science and technology, healthcare and pharmacy, agribusiness, culture and tourism, power engineering and the mineral industry, the construction industry and environment protection.

The official opening ceremony of the exhibition was attended by Cuba's Vice President Ricardo Cabrisas, President of the Chamber of Commerce of the Republic of Cuba Orlando Hernandez Guillen, Deputy Minister of the RF Ministry of Science and Higher Education Marina Borovskaya, Director General of Expocentre Fairgrounds Sergei Bednov, and other Russian and Cuban officials.

Ricardo Cabrisas pointed out that the exhibition was held as part of the events aimed to celebrate 60 years of diplomatic relations between Russia and Cuba. The main festivities will take place on May 8, 2020. He emphasized that the exhibition was of huge importance for Cuba because the country is now living through a difficult period of sanctions and economic embargo.

Marina Borovskaya said that the exhibition was a great chance to assess the capacity for cooperation between Cuban and Russian business. She expressed hope that business ties between our countries would continue to strengthen.

In his welcoming address Sergei Bednov thanked the Chamber of Commerce of the Republic of Cuba for choosing Expocentre as the venue for staging the country's first national exhibition. He noted that the visitors to the exhibition would be able to communicate with representatives of Cuban companies, share their experience, make mutually beneficial deals and discuss opportunities for implementing joint projects.

Orlando Hernandes Guillen explained that the idea of holding this exhibition had appeared as a result of special relationship between the two nations, which manifests itself in a dynamic development of cooperation in trade, industry, science and technology.

On the sidelines of Cuba's First National Exhibition in Russia the 10th meeting of the Russia-Cuba Business Council took place.

The participants in the meeting were welcomed by Vice-President of the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Vladimir Padalko. In his speech he underlined that the Russia-Cuba Business Council has turned into a reputable and popular platform for interaction between businesses of the two countries. It is an effective tool for establishing direct commercial ties between Russian and Cuban entrepreneurs. He also noted that the Council had contributed a lot to enable the trade and economic relationships between the nations to develop in a stable way. Vladimir Padalko was positive that the cooperation between the two Chambers and the work of the Russia-Cuba Business Council would help to keep entrepreneurs informed of the potential of the Cuban market and to enlist the cooperation of a growing number of companies including Russia's regional businesses in building trade and economic ties between Cuba and Russia.

President of Cuba's Chamber of Commerce and Industry Orlando Hernandes Guillen also praised the effective work of the Business Council and stressed that there is still a lot to do to make proper use of the full potential of the economic cooperation between the countries. He noted that Cuba's export capacity was being demonstrated at Cuba's First National Exhibition in Russia held at Expocentre Fairgrounds. Also, Mr Guillen spoke a word of praise to the Russian companies that take part in the annual FIHAV international trade fair in Havana.

Head of the Russian part of the Russia-Cuba Business Council Eduard Vaino spoke of the plans to develop mutual cooperation in the fields of transport, geological exploration, power engineering and automotive industry. He named pharmacy and tourism among the most promising sectors and pointed out that the development of regional cooperation is one of the priority goals of the Business Council.

Head of the Cuban part of the Business Council Rafael Ernesto Perez noted that Russia is one of Cuba's major economic partners. However, the volume of export from Cuba to Russia is pretty small. That is why he saw the main goal of the Business Council in enhancing the development of economic ties between the countries.

The Heads of the Russian and Cuban parts of the Business Council signed the plan of work for 2019-2020.

The meeting of the Council saw presentations demonstrating the export potential of Cuban companies, as well as the country's commercial and investment capacity. As part of the meeting of the Council their work and activities were demonstrated by the Russian Export Centre and Soyuzexpertiza.


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