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After a five-month break caused by coronavirus pandemic, EXPOCENTRE opens a new exhibition season in full readiness and compliance with the sanitary and epidemiological standards and recommendations of the Federal Service for Surveillance on Consumer Rights Protection and Human Wellbeing for holding exhibition and convention events.

During the exhibitions flows of visitors will be separated. Thus, in Pavilion No. 1, where on September 15 the first hosted exhibition Interfabric 2020. Spring will be open, a separate entrance and exit, as well as passages to exhibition press halls and conference halls will be organised.

Everywhere for visitors there are signs and markings with observance of social distance. Information messages about the norms to be observed will be placed at the entrance. Such information will be constantly broadcast on video screens.   The exposition shall be arranged with the observance of the aisle width of at least 3 m and the arrangement of racks and tables on the stands at a distance of 1.5 m from each other shall be ensured.

The registration of exhibition and convention visitors will be held online to avoid crowding the entrances. Wearing of masks and gloves shall be observed.

For this purpose, EXPOCENTRE Fairgrounds has created the necessary stock of personal protective equipment and disinfectants, including skin antiseptics for the staff and visitors. Sanitizers have been installed everywhere.

There is a constant disinfection of public places, ventilation systems, elevator cabins, escalators, entrance doors.

The calendar of exhibition and convention events of EXPOCENTRE is fully scheduled till the end of the year. There will be held more than 30 own and hosted exhibitions. Among them there are the largest international trade shows Agroprodmash, Khimia and Mebel. From October 19 to 22 Russian Industry Week will take place, uniting world-known exhibition projects Technoforum and Lesdrevmash, as well as the new international exhibition for welding and cutting equipment, technologies and materials Rusweld.

There will be held Russian Week of High Technologies (November 2-6) with the international exhibition Sviaz, the satellite navigation exhibition Navitech and International Navigation Forum, as well as Russian Health Care Week (December 7-11) and other large industry exhibition and convention events.

Press Service, EXPOCENTRE AO