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The conference programme of Photonics. World of Lasers and Optics 2024 includes the 12th Congress of the Photonics Technology Platform. Today it has featured a plenary session, which was organised by EXPOCENTRE together with the Laser Association. The event was dedicated to the latest achievements in the field of photonics, optics and optoelectronics.

Gevork Mikaelyan, Chief Designer at LASSARD, opened the meeting with a report highlighting the history of photonics development and the significant contribution of Soviet researchers to this field. Mr. Mikaelyan emphasised that photonics, which deals with the study and engineering application of light, plays a key role in modern science and technology. He also spoke in detail about the development of semiconductor lasers, the current state of the market and their manufacturing processes.

The next speaker was Stanislav Straupe, Deputy Chief Researcher at the Russian Quantum Centre, with a report on the application of lasers in quantum computing. According to Mr. Straupe, quantum computing attracts the attention of specialists from various fields of science, including optics and laser physics, and represents a promising area of research.

The series of reports was concluded by Sergey Semyonov, Head at Dianov Fiber Optics Research Centre of the Russian Academy of Sciences, who highlighted the application of optical fibres in photonics. Mr. Semyonov spoke about the variety of types of optical fibres, the current state of the market and the production of optical fibres in Russia, stressing the importance of this area for the development of modern technologies.

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