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Interlakokraska 2024 hosted the Plenary Session on the Paint and Coating Market: Realities and Prospects. The event was organised by EXPOCENTRE AO and the Soyuzkraska Association with the support of the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade and the Russian Chemists Union.  

The plenary session was moderated by Sandzhar Turgunov, an expert on the chemical industry at the Russian Chemists Union.

It event was opened by Mikhail Yurin, Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of Russia. In his welcoming speech he noted that the Russian paint and coatings industry is showing excellent results. “At the end of 2023, we see an 11 per cent increase in production volumes and a 10 per cent increase in consumption, which entails positive changes in the product range. Our companies are creating new products required for a wide range of industries. The Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade actively supports them in this. It is also becoming obvious that the efforts of unfriendly countries that imposed sanctions are not achieving their goal,” said Mikhail Yurin.

The deputy minister also noted that the ministry, together with associations and enterprises of the industry, still has much to do in the direction of staffing and development of new raw material components and compositions.

Viktor Ivanov, President at the Russian Chemists Union, in his turn, emphasised that the number of visitors to Interlakokraska 2024 gives hope that all the difficulties experienced by the paint and coating industry will be overcome.

Olga Sinitsina, a leading expert of the paint and coating market at Creon-Analytics, gave a brief overview of the market in 2023 and gave a forecast for 2024. Anna Trofimova, Deputy Head of the Polymer and Elastomeric Materials Industry Development Division at the Chemical Industry Department of the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade, spoke about the current realities and prospects of the paint and coating market.

The plenary session included a discussion on the prospects of Russian paint and coating market players in terms of production capacity development, sectoral consumption, and exports. It was attended by prominent representatives of the paint and coating industry from heads of companies producing raw materials for paints and coatings to consumers of paints and coatings. Valery Abramov, General Director at Russian Paints AO, Chair at the Board of the Soyuzkraska Association, opened the discussion. According to him, the market has been very seriously transformed and sometimes it is difficult to track emerging trends, so the analyses made during this event are very useful to all representatives of the industry.

The panelists discussed a wide range of issues related to raw materials supply for paint and coating production, their export and import, as well as current opportunities for Russian manufacturers of paints and coatings taking into account sectoral needs.

Press Service, EXPOCENTRE AO