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The wrap-up and award ceremony for the winners in the 25th Russian Journalism Contest "Economic Revival of Russia" took place at Rossiya Segodnya news agency. President of the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Sergey Katyrin and Director General of Rossiya Segodnya news agency Dmitry Kiselev opened the ceremony.

The annual competition is held by the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Russian Union of Journalists. Expocentre provides support to this event and acts as a business partner.

Expocentre Director General Sergey Bednov gave awards in the category 'Best individual publication in print, online, mass media and radio broadcasting'. "Speaking here Dmitry Kiselev said that journalists were looking for the keys to the economic growth of Russia," said Sergey Bednov when congratulating the winners in the contest. "We, exhibition professionals, are also looking for them. Let's look for the keys together, and then we will find them more quickly."

In 2018 the winners in the contest in various categories were representatives of federal, central, regional, and municipal media from all regions of Russia.

Press Service, Expocentre AO