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Celebrated experts have taken part in the discussion of "Technological and Innovative Potential of the Russian Oil and Gas Sector amid Digital Transformation" at a plenary session of the National Oil and Gas Forum hosted by Expocentre alongside the Neftegaz 2019 international exhibition.

Digital transformation of the oil and gas sector is a strategic development area, which is crucial to the industry's future, plenary session moderator and Board Chairman of the Union of Oil and Gas Producers of Russia Yury Shafranik said in his opening speech. He mentioned field service, which accounts for 75% of all costs, new extraction approaches, and oil and gas refining as key areas of digitalization of the oil and gas sector. "The development of Russia's entire economy depends on digitalization of the oil and gas industry," said Mr Shafranik.

The Russian oil and gas sector is an outpost of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, according to IBM Industrial Research Department Head Artyom Semenikhin. Oil and gas companies are shifting from automation of individual systems to digitalized enterprises that have a much higher effectiveness.

Head of the PJSC Gazprom Neft Digital Transformation Directorate Andrey Belevtsev gave the description of a digitalized oil company. Information technologies must be oriented towards solving concrete business tasks, which is why IT companies should be closely cooperating with the oil and gas business.

Head of PJSC Lukoil Oil and Gas Production Department Azat Khabibullin presented the corporate program of digitalization of geological prospecting and extraction.

Science Director of the Russian Academy of Sciences' Oil and Gas Research Institute Anatoly Dmitriyevsky presented digitalization projects raising production effectiveness and extending the service life of old and new oil and gas fields.

Representatives of the Kaspersky Lab, and other leading IT and oil and gas companies took part in the discussion.


Press Service, Expocentre