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05.04.2018 11:27:00
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The 13th edition of the International Exhibition for Laser, Optical and Optoelectronic Technologies

Once again Photonics. World of Lasers and Optics has become the main industry event not only in Russia but also worldwide. Compared to 2017, the trade show has grown by 20% in terms of the floor space and the number of exhibitors and visitors.  It undoubtedly testifies to a growing interest in this topic, a wider range of presented products, and increase in the number of people using photonics technologies in this country.

Dates: 27 February – 2 March 2018

Venue: Expocentre Fairgrounds, Moscow, Russia

Organized by Expocentre AO, the Laser Association (Russia)

Supported by the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade, the State Committee on Science and Technology of the Republic of Belarus, the European Photonics Industry Consortium (EPIC)

Auspices of the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Labels: UFI, RUEF

Exhibition area: 9,000+ sq m

Exhibitors: 183 companies

Russian exhibitors: 140

Attendance: 9,220 professional visitors

Countries: 13 (Armenia, Austria, Belarus, China, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Japan, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Russia, Sweden, the USA)

Types of products on display: laser radiation sources and components, fiber optic equipment, optical materials and technologies, optoelectronics, nanophotonics, new developments in laser medicine, photoelectronics, hologram equipment, research equipment, laser and optical security equipment, etc. New! materials for thin film optics, materials for non-destructive testing, equipment for single crystal growth, high performance equipment for laser trimming, piezoelectric actuators, solid diode-pumped lasers of near IR region, etc.

Participating companies:

Foreign companies: IZOVAC Technologies, Photonic Laboratory, SOL Instruments, Essent Optics, LOTIS TII,  Stratnanotech, Lasrescom, Light Guide Optics, Diaproektor Rogachev Plant, Solar Laser Systems, Hamamatsu, Optotech Optikmaschinen GmbH, Schott AG, Trumpf, Ekspla, Eksma, Infratec, Oxapa, Sino-Galvo (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd, etc.; newcomers: Cklaser, Gold Dragon Optics Electronic Technology, Lurkes, Castech, etc.

Russian companies: Skolkovo Foundation, Laser Center, Shvabe Holding, Lasers & Apparatus, Avesta Project, Elektrosteklo Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Vikon, OES Specpostavka, Azimuth Photonics, Laser Components, etc.; newcomers: Ocean Chips, VNIIFTRI, Optispark, Vitec-Avtomatika,  Nanoscan, Exiton, Telam, Luminofor, etc.


  • The Skolkovo Group Stand demonstrates its resident startups such as Optogard-Nanotech, Central Research Institute of Laser Equipment and Technologies, Femtotech, FORC-Photonics, Lasertrack, Microsensor Technology, Tin Photoni

Supporting Events

  • The plenary meeting of the 7th Congress of the Photonics Technology Platform. The participants discussed the issues devoted to nonlinear physics of commercial fiber-optic systems, application of adaptive optics to expand opportunities of optoelectronic systems, European Photonics Industry Consortium (EPIC): experience and opportunities of cooperation with Russia.
  • The 7th Congress of the Photonics Technology Platform on Innovative Laser, Optical and Optoelectronic Technologies – Photonics.  The congress featured 29 events, among them the plenary meeting, 14 conferences, 6 seminars, 3 round tables devoted to biophotonics, export potential of Moscow photonics, and human resourcing in the laser and optical industry of Russia, 6 meetings, and 100 presentations with participation of representatives of the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Russian Ministry of Education, and the Russian State Duma. The event attendance amounted to more than 800 people.
  • The joint meeting of the Photonics Work Group under the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade, Science and Technology Council of Laser Association, Secretariat of the Photonics Russian Technology Platform on the role of laser, optical and optoelectronic technologies in implementation of the adopted strategy for scientific and technological development of Russia and necessity to coordinate programs adopted in photonics
  • The 21st meeting of the Russian Laser Association where participants signed an agreement on cooperation between the Laser Association (Russia) and the European Photonics Industry Consortium (EPIC).
  • The meeting of the Expert Council on Photonics at the Commission of the Russian State Duma on Legal Groundwork of Development of the Defense Industry on Legal Framework for Photonics Technology in Russia
  • The wrap-up of the Russian Laser Association Competition for the Best Development brought to the market in 2016-2017. Honorary rewards were given in the following nominations: "Laser light sources and laser beam management systems", "Laser beam machines and technologies processing industrial materials", "Optoelectronic devices and systems", "Laser equipment and technologies for industrial gauging, diagnostics and process monitoring", "Laser equipment for medicine and technology (methods) of treatment using laser radiation", "Monographs, training aids, reference books and popular science journals on laser technology".
  • The 1st WorldSkills Russia Championship in Laser Technologies. The participants showed their skills in material processing using the latest laser equipment. WorldSkill Russia and Laser Association signed an agreement to implement independent assessment of training in the form of demonstration examination in accordance with the WSR standards.

To see the full schedule of supporting events, go here>>.


"The Advisory Board on Photonics was first established at the State Duma. It speaks for the increased attention to the industry. Today, this field is one of the most competitive in Russia, that’s why the Photonics exhibition is especially important."

Andrey Vetluzhskikh, member of the State Duma Committee on Economic Policy, Innovative Development and Entrepreneurship

"Today, some 800 companies in Russia are engaged in photonics. One could hardly name the companies a unified industry since they refer to different departments, state corporations, and private companies. Under such conditions, an important task is to coordinate their activities to get maximum effect for social and economic development of Russia. Nowadays, the only integrator in the field of photonics is the Photonics Technology Platform coordinated by the Russian Laser Association.

There are national standards on safety of laser products; technical regulations of the EEU are being developed. But there are no industry-specific standards which would identify the application of photonics technologies in different sectors of economy, such as manufacturing, agriculture, transport, etc. It is a large volume of work which we plan to do within the Technical Committee of Rosstandart."

Dmitry Kapranov, Director of Department of Conventional Weapons, Ammunition and Special Chemistry Industry of the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade

"The annual production of photonics in Russia grew up to 10-12 billion rubles. At first the Photonics Technology Platform was created as a union of business and science supported by the government to unlock the domestic potential in a rapidly developing field of technology such as photonics. Today, the Russian Laser Association makes amendments to the strategic research programme of the Photonics Technology Platform according to adopted Strategy for Scientific and Technological Development of the Russian Federation."

Ivan Kovsh, President of the Russian Laser Association

Photonics. World of Lasers and Optics 2018 got positive feedback from exhibitors and visitors.

The next edition of the Photonics. World of Lasers and Optics exhibition will run 4 – 7 March 2019 at Expocentre Fairgrounds.


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