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EXPOCENTRE has opened a corporate exhibition about the company’s history of organising international trade shows.

The exhibition covers the period from 1959 to the present. Here one can not only learn about the main trends in the development of exhibition business in Russia looking at the work of EXPOCENTRE Fairgrounds, but also see such unique exhibits as catalogues and commemorative badges of the first international trade shows, photos of famous statesmen who visited EXPOCENTRE at different times, information digests of the USSR Chamber of Commerce and Industry with exhibition programmes of that time, and numerous awards received by EXPOCENTRE for achievements in the exhibition activity.

Some of the exhibits are devoted to the history of this country's pavilions at exhibitions abroad, including the World Expos.

Tracing the history of the development of professional exhibition activities, we can note that these activities have undergone significant changes over the past half century, greatly expanded their opportunities through the congress component and large-scale conference programmes, finally consolidated its priority of demonstrating innovative developments and new products, established itself as an effective marketing tool to promote products to new markets, increasing the development of international cooperation, and exchange of goods between national economies.

The first participants of a tour around the exhibition were Chair at the EXPOCENTRE Board of Directors Sergey Katyrin, Director General at EXPOCENTRE AO Alexey Vyalkin, members of the EXPOCENTRE Board of Directors and Executive Board, and heads of the company’s departments and groups.

In the future, it is planned to make the exhibition available not only to employees of EXPOCENTRE AO, but also to students of relevant colleges and universities who are attracted to working in the exhibition business, and to business partners of EXPOCENTRE. 

Press Service, EXPOCENTRE AO